6 Reasons Why You Should Be Pursuing a Career in Tech Sales:

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Why Tech Sales Jobs Are The Best

If you’re currently exploring your job options, have you considered a tech sales career?

If not, there are several reasons why you should consider joining the ranks at a software or technology company and using your skills to help them continue to grow and make an impact.

Why? Here’s everything you need to know about why a tech sales career is worth considering.

What is Tech Sales Anyway?

In a tech sales position, you’ll be responsible for connecting consumers (individuals or other businesses) with technology that can help them solve a specific problem.

Exactly what type of tech you’re selling—from actual hardware to software or other services—will vary depending on the kind of company you work for.

But, regardless of the specifics, in this customer-facing role, the critical thing to know is that you’re tasked with connecting with and educating potential customers—and ultimately closing the deal.

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Tech Sales Job Description Example:

Here’s a look at a tech sales job description example. Below is a posting for a Sales Development Representative role with Wrike, a project management software solution:

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6 Reasons to Consider a Tech Sales Career

We know your next question: Why even start a career in tech sales? Well, plenty of benefits make this a particularly appealing career path. Here are four to consider.

1. The Demand is High

Considering that sales are quite literally what keeps every company’s doors open, it makes sense that there’s a lot of security and demand in this career field.

But, as technology continues to become even more prevalent in our day-to-day lives, tech companies, in particular, are aggressively adding people to their teams who can get their solutions and products in front of a wider audience.

A recent study from ToutApp—which surveyed 300 HR managers at U.S.-based technology companies with at least 200 employees—found that 80% of respondents stated that they intend to invest more in recruiting and hiring sales talent.

While others may worry about things like automation or online capabilities replacing the need for their jobs, that’s not the case for sales—where human interaction still carries a lot of importance.

Research from the Harvard Business Review found that direct interactions with providers influence B2B purchasing decisions more than anything else. Demand for tech sales professionals is high (and will likely stay that way). So, it’s an incredibly secure and lucrative path to pursue.

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2. The Pay is Great

Speaking of lucrative, the salary is another big draw for many tech sales professionals. While the tech industry is known to pay hefty sums to the people who fill the more technical roles, you can also earn a great living in sales.

Bridge Group’s 2015 SaaS Inside Sales Survey Report shared that the compensation for inside sales roles rose to record highs in 2015.

The company discovered an average base salary of $60,000 with average on-target earnings of $118,000—proving that technical roles aren’t the only ones who earn the big bucks.

While a paycheck isn’t everything regarding your job satisfaction, knowing that a career path in tech sales quite literally pays off makes it worth considering.

3. The Career Opportunities Are Seemingly Endless

Nobody wants to reach a limit on their career, which is another thing that makes tech sales so appealing: There are seemingly limitless opportunities for growth and advancement.

Many tech leaders got their start in sales—because it’s a great way to gain familiarity with the business and customers while also making a measurable impact on the organization’s success (you need revenue!).

So, as you gain more experience, continue to close deals, and prove your worth, you’ll likely experience rapid progression in your career.

Take a look at LinkedIn’s data as an example. LinkedIn pulled together a list of the most promising jobs of 2017—the ones with the highest median salaries, strong job openings, and year-over-year growth.

Which job appeared third on that list? A sales engineer proves that pursuing a career in tech sales could mean bright things for your future.

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4. The Barrier to Entry is Low

The tech industry can be intimidating and leave many wondering how to get into software sales without experience.

Fortunately, this is another upside of a career in tech sales: There’s a shallow barrier to entry.

“There’s often no formal education and training programs for sales pros; it’s something many people discover as a career by accident,” explains Sharon Florentine.

This means these roles are challenging for recruiters to hire—but it also means that people with diverse backgrounds and experiences can make a name for themselves in sales positions.

There’s no strict mold you need to fit into or overly formal criteria you need to meet to find success as a tech sales professional.

5. Career Security

We all know tech is the future (and the end is now). Hence, as time progresses, technological solutions may take more “traditional” jobs that will not surprisingly need salespeople to sell them.

Unlike many other industries at the whim of a physical good’s supply and demand cycle, technology, specifically tech sales, are often roles that can be done with little resources and even remotely if needed.

Both technology and sales are never going away, so if you are worried about your current industry’s longevity, you won’t need to worry so much about tech.

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6. It’s Exciting Work

Having a job that pays well is one thing, but having a job that interests and stimulates you mentally is another. In the world of tech sales, there are endless opportunities to find niches that work for you, your interests, and your passions.

You often get to help others solve their problems using a unique solution you have to offer, and in learning about your product, you may even find ways to improve it. So if you are going to start fresh looking into a job in tech sales, start looking in the industries that you are personally interested in to help fuel that inner fire of excitement and motivation.

Ready to Get Started?

Now for the final question: How do you get started? Create a profile on Rainmakers, a career marketplace explicitly designed for salespeople.

Use your profile to highlight your skills, share your history, and prove your value to inspire interested employers to contact you. You’ll be well on your way to a tech sales career in no time!