Technology Sales Jobs in Raleigh, North Carolina


Tech Sales Opportunities In Raleigh

Raleigh is the second fastest-expanding metro area in the country, with an average of 70 people settling in each day. Raleigh’s booming population and number of nationally ranked universities have helped it attract educated and skilled tech workers and a wealth of well-known tech companies. Businesses such as Lenovo, IBM, Cisco Systems, SAS Institute, IQVA, and more have all chosen to establish a footing in Raleigh, further cementing its reputation as a growing tech hub.

In addition to established companies, an impressive number of tech startups also set up shop in the area. Nearly a third of the top businesses in Raleigh are tech startups. This demonstrates how the city supports growth and innovation, leading to a wealth of tech sales opportunities at all levels.

Raleigh As a Respected Tech Center

Thanks to the Research Triangle Park (RTP), established in 1959 and regarded as the greatest research facility in the nation, the Raleigh-Durham region has long been regarded as a hub for innovation.

RTP is home to hundreds of businesses, governmental organizations, and nonprofits, including Analytics8, Q2, Sierra Space, and Fidelity Investments. There are also some top universities in the area, such as Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

With its reputation for having a talented pool of tech workers close at hand, Raleigh continues to draw even more tech businesses and startups, enhancing regional economic growth.

Raleigh’s plans feature initiatives for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, forging alliances, and generating fair employment opportunities. It’s taking an active hand in keeping Raleigh’s reputation as a tech hub by working to attract people with the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to prosper in and compete in the regional economy.

With all the tech businesses already in place and more coming in, the tech sales landscape for the coming years appears to be ever-expanding.


Living Life Well In Raleigh

While the cost of living is just a hair above the national average, Raleigh is still much cheaper than many other US cities. For those coming to Raleigh and purchasing a home, the appreciation rate will grow over time, making property a sound investment.

Raleigh has a lot to offer new residents: excellent shops and boutiques, fine dining, world-famous entertainment venues, bustling nightlife, music festivals, world-class art museums, and diverse culture. It’s also located within easy reach of excellent hiking and horse trails, beaches, mountains, recreational parks, and more.

Summers and winters are relatively mild, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone who wants to stay away from extreme heat or cold.

Sales Positions Opening In Raleigh

Tech sales job openings have started to materialize all across Raleigh. Rainmakers delivers exceptional employment opportunities by matching qualified individuals with top-tier organizations.

Here are some of the most lucrative IT sales positions that are opening up in Raleigh.

Sales Development Representative

The performance of a tech sales team’s Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) determines how successful it is. An SDR specializes in inside sales activities, focusing on research and cold calling, to build sales pipelines for the rest of the team. Typically, the best position to start a long-term sales career is in an entry-level SDR position. The job requires little to no prior experience and is best suited to people with a strong drive for achievement.

Account Executive

Account Executives (AE) are in charge of bringing in new business, handling client accounts, striking deals with potential customers, and attending to the requirements of current clients. Since a sizable portion of an AE’s compensation comes from commissions, the position necessitates a focused effort on the part of the AE to meet established quotas and earning targets.


Mid-Market Account Executive

Being a Mid-Market Account Executive is a significant next step for sales professionals who are passionate about their jobs and want to advance. Mid-Market Account Executives manage client relationships, use SaaS/cloud technology, oversee training, nurture development, and close deals. Their primary source of new sales and commissions comes from middle-market businesses.

Enterprise Account Executive

Manufacturers, software developers, telecommunications businesses, retail chains, and other key organizations can target large corporations that have the potential to create enormous profits with the help of an Enterprise Account Executive. Enterprise Account Executives foster innovation, cultivate profitable business connections, and uphold profit-oriented sales strategies. The right person for this position should be competent, well-organized, and dedicated. Due to the level of responsibility, this profession often comes with high-income potential.

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) focus on developing strong, long-lasting client relationships. Their primary responsibilities feature selling products and services to companies in order to foster customer success and repeat business. Even though CSMs are a relatively new position in the sales landscape, nearly half of high-tech organizations are currently successfully using them.


Sales Director

Sales Directors uphold a company’s commitment to offering top-notch customer service. Their main duties are to make sure the sales team completes all necessary tasks, develop services, and introduce new products to customers. Sales Directors also supervise the sales force, lead training sessions, and guarantee that everyone works toward their goals. For this position, a candidate must possess exceptional organizational, sales, and leadership skills.

Sales Manager

Sales teams and activities fall under the control of Sales Managers. They are in charge of developing growth and sales strategies, setting and maintaining sales objectives, and keeping track of profit growth. A Sales Manager may also be responsible for various related tasks such as hiring salespeople, writing sales plans, offering coaching, and overseeing operations. The size of the company and the sales department often determines the scope of a Sales Manager’s duties.

Vice President of Sales

Vice Presidents (VPs) of Sales are in charge of a variety of crucial duties within a company. They are in charge of enhancing the sales division’s performance and helping them to surpass quotas. They fulfill duties often associated with managers, coaches, and business strategists. Vice Presidents of Sales oversee sales teams, track earnings, hire salespeople, and perform other related duties. They also commonly develop goals and sales plans. As the position carries a lot of responsibility, it typically pays rather well.

Discover Tech Sales Careers at Rainmakers

Careers in Tech sales offer a variety of chances for professional and personal development. For those prepared to put in the time and effort necessary to meet and exceed expectations and prove their value to the team, there are many lucrative career paths available.

Every team member—from the Vice President of Sales to the Sales Development Representatives—is essential for the success of growing businesses. Sales team members with the necessary skills and are committed to reaching their objectives benefit all parties.

Get in touch with Rainmakers today to learn more about these exciting opportunities.

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