About Us

Noticing a need in the market for a reliable way to source and recruit sales talent, Rainmakers was founded in San Francisco in the Fall of 2016 as a career marketplace that connects high-performing salespeople with great companies
Mike Ferguson, CEO
Michael holds degrees from both the University of Michigan and the University of Oxford. He understands sales hiring from both sides of the table from an early career in sales prior to founding three companies. He brings a wealth of knowledge around Sales, Product, and Growth.
Vladimir Kozyrev, CTO
Vlad moved from Russia at a young age, and studied at UC Santa Cruz as a proud Banana Slug. He went on to build gaming and simulation models for the US Navy, and founded and sold a company with Michael. Vlad has a passion for helping people better their careers.
Mike Theron, COO
Mike moved to Silicon Valley from England at a young age, and has always had a passion for technology and Big Data. After running an Executive Search firm helping venture-backed startups hire strategic talent, he quickly realized the need for a data-driven sales hiring platform.