Best Technology Sales Jobs in Denver


Tech Sales Opportunities In Colorado

Colorado’s main economic drivers are no longer just agriculture and natural resources. Instead, a diversified ecosystem has been sparked by a rapid technological revolution of business. Colorado has become one of the best places to start and build a company because of its leadership in various industries, including cybersecurity, health, aerospace, cloud computing, and engineering.

The Centennial State has emerged as a leading innovation hotspot between the coasts thanks to Colorado’s exceptional work-life balance and rising tech pay. The growth of tech business directly leads to numerous sales opportunities for those residing in or moving to the Mile High City.

Living Well In Denver

When considering the advantages of Denver as a place to live and work, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

To start with, the weather is consistently beautiful, with an average of 300 days a year of sunshine. With summer temperatures of around 90 and winter of around 40, residents of Denver don’t experience the sort of weather extremes other cities do. And it’s a beautiful and varied place to live. The mountain scenery is breathtaking, the nature trails showcase the best of the American west, and there is always something to do. Downtown Denver boasts a lively nightlife with excellent restaurants and clubs, legendary sports centers, and top-rated entertainment.

Neighborhoods in Denver run the range from metro and modern to contemporary classic-American. Whether someone is looking to live in a trendy studio, suburban home, or luxury urban development, Denver can provide.

And, of course, the incredible economy in Denver is one of the main benefits of moving there. Denver’s median annual salary is roughly $57,700, but average earnings are expected to increase due to the city’s anticipated growth.

This growth is due to an increasing number of tech startups and established companies, such as HomeAdvisor and Google, leading to increased work opportunities. In addition, the aerospace industry is also booming in the Denver area, with enterprise businesses like Raytheon and the Boeing Company leading the way.


Tech Business Growth In Denver

Of Colorado’s cities, it’s no surprise Denver has consistently led the pack in attracting the most growth. Denver provides budding tech enterprises with a number of attractive advantages. For instance, the Office of Economic Development and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce offer tech companies incentives such as tax credits, grants, financing options, and more.

By all reports, it seems to be working. Startups from Denver, like Dizzion, Pax8, JumpCloud, and Gtmhub, are drawing in considerable venture capital funding and using that to build and expand. Each year, more tech business comes to Denver to experience the same benefits.

Sales Positions Available In Denver

Positions are opening up all over Denver, Colorado, in the technology sales sector. Rainmakers matches great job prospects with their ideal sales opportunities and vice versa. Everyone benefits when companies partner with talented salespeople.

Here’s a rundown of what is available for all levels of sales experience.

Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are vital to the success of any SaaS sales team. To create sales pipelines for the rest of the team, an SDR specializes in inside sales activities, focusing on research and cold calling. An entry-level SDR position is often the best way to embark upon a long-term sales career. The position requires little to no prerequisite knowledge and is perfect for those with a drive for success.

Account Executive

Account Executives (AE) bring in sales, maintain current accounts, close transactions with new clients, and attend to the needs of all a company’s clients. Since commissions make up a sizable amount of an AE’s pay, the position requires the individual to put in considerable work to achieve predetermined quotas and revenue targets.


Mid-Market Account Executive

This is the best next move for sales professionals who are passionate about their careers and want to advance. Mid-Market Account Executives facilitate sales, close deals, and uphold strong client relationships while also managing training, fostering growth, and leveraging SaaS/cloud technology. Middle-market businesses are their primary source of new sales and commissions.

Enterprise Account Executive

Employing Enterprise Account Executives can be advantageous for manufacturers, software developers, telecommunications firms, retail chains, and other major businesses. This role has considerable earning potential due to the level of responsibility it requires. Large companies use Enterprise Account Executives to help maintain profitable sales relationships and promote innovation. Ideal candidates for this position should be committed, capable, and organized.

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) put forth a lot of effort to build trustworthy, enduring client relationships. Successful companies must constantly demonstrate the worth of their products, and it is the customer success manager’s job to market goods and services to encourage repeat business and client success. Despite being a relatively new sales function, CSMs are now successfully used by almost half of high-tech companies.

Sales Director

A company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service is upheld by its Sales Directors. Their primary responsibilities are ensuring the sales team completes all necessary tasks and strategically develops and delivers new goods and services. Sales managers oversee the sales staff, conduct training sessions, and make sure everyone is pursuing their goals. Strong organizational, sales, and leadership skills are highly valued for this position.


Sales Manager

Sales Managers are in charge of both sales staff and daily sales activity. They create sales and growth strategies, establish and monitor sales objectives, and carefully monitor profit expansion. Depending on the business, a Sales Manager may have a wide range of duties, such as finding sales talent, developing the sales plan, mentoring, and monitoring operations.

Vice President of Sales

A Vice President (VP) of Sales may be responsible for various crucial duties. They frequently serve as managers, mentors, and strategists but are also responsible for improving the performance of the sales division and hitting quotas. Their tasks often include creating objectives and sales strategies, leading sales teams, controlling spending, hiring salespeople, and more. It’s a position with a lot of responsibility and excellent compensation.

Managing Tech Sales Careers at Rainmakers

Careers in tech sales usually provide a wealth of professional and personal growth opportunities. There are many superb avenues for advancement available for individuals ready to invest the time and effort necessary to exceed expectations and prove their value.

The sales funnel of any expanding business depends on every person on the team, from the Vice President of Sales to Sales Development Representatives. Candidates who put in the necessary effort, possess the necessary talents, and are dedicated to the task will find success and satisfaction.

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