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VP of Sales Job Information

A Vice President (VP) of Sales is in charge of training, motivating, and sometimes hiring a company’s sales staff to achieve and surpass targets. The primary responsibilities include recruiting, fostering talent inside the organization, and educating employees on the various skills required to meet key performance indicators.

The success of selling goods or services daily pivots on the ability of the VP of Sales to manage their team. This entails selecting individuals who can achieve sales and performance objectives and collaborating with other departments to meet regular targets. An effective VP of Sales needs to possess excellent communication skills and be a strong leader who knows what needs to be done to accomplish objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities of a VP of Sales

The Vice President of Sales handles several different tasks. Senior sales executives such as VPs frequently serve as managers, mentors, teachers, and strategists. A sales leader must perform several essential duties to achieve quotas and promote business success. Some of those include:

  • Oversee recruiting sales personnel.
  • Lead the sales team in meeting objectives
  • Create sales training courses
  • Develop strategies and plans
  • Manage sales teams
  • Promote company products and services.
  • Monitor sales activities.
  • Oversee sales budget
  • Track market activity
  • Identify areas for improvement and create programs that address these areas with a success-mindset
  • Collaborate with the marketing division
  • Track consumer behavior
  • Maintain positive and supportive relationships with clients

Some specific tasks may differ based on the individual company and its objectives. In general, the VP of Sales is responsible for setting sales goals, developing strategies to meet those goals, and reporting to the CEO on performance metrics.

What Makes a Good VP of Sales?

Because the VP of Sales role is vital to a company, it’s essential to be the right person for the job. Probably the three most important qualities are:

  1. Fitting in with the company and its culture
  2. Possessing intimate knowledge of the sales environment
  3. Being willing to commit to the business for the long term

Considering those qualities, it’s equally essential to possess the following attributes to be a top-performing VP of Sales.

  • Instead of simply observing the sales team, they are fully committed to and invested in their activities and success. Rather than spending all day in an office with the door closed, they may be out in the field or on the sales floor. In addition, they are dedicated to coaching and improving the sales team and themselves.
  • They are very knowledgeable of their company’s top 20 deals and accounts. They are intimately connected to the customer and know their position in these significant accounts. They oversee these accounts to ensure the client doesn’t look elsewhere, the relationship is strong, and the accounts still bring in solid revenue.
  • They determine the sales team’s strategy and course of action. They can envision and lay out a sales process for the team to follow. They take charge of making this vision a reality through intelligent leadership and a systematic approach to sales coverage and territory management.
  • They enhance the company’s reputation. The VP of Sales is frequently the face of the business and oversees the sales organization. The finest vice presidents of sales are excellent at networking, public speaking, and interpersonal communication, and they consistently present a favorable image of the organization for which they work.
  • They are continually aware of their position in the sales funnel. The VP of Sales is always aware of the projects being worked on by their sales staff and the tasks required to maintain a smoothly running sales funnel.
  • They concentrate on the prospect and the client. They adopt an outward-looking mindset and consistently keep prospects and customers at the forefront of all decisions and sales operations.

Directors and Sales managers often become VPs at the next stage of their careers. While they may have a lot of experience within a particular company, the scope of responsibilities is more extensive, and the expectations are higher.

To be a successful VP of Sales, it’s essential to not only be able to handle all of the above but to be able to commit to the position and the mission of the company and its sales division.

What Attributes Does a VP of Sales Need?

There are six characteristics a top VP of Sales needs to execute their job well and be recognized as a leader by both the sales team they manage and the executives they report to.

These attributes are:

  • Ability to adapt – Because what worked last year might not work again this year, a VP of Sales must apply lessons learned from past experiences to achieve new results. A VP of Sales needs to keep track of the latest trends and technology and apply them to current situations.
  • Business command – Knowing the numbers and offering insights is crucial for a VP of Sales since doing so strategically gives an impression of credibility, competence, and assurance.
  • Possess an eye for talent – Hiring the best sales leaders is crucial since it is one of the most expensive mistakes a business can make to give someone a salary who cannot perform at the required level.
  • Thinks strategically – Business and sales are constantly evolving, and the VP of Sales needs to be aware of this. They must plan their strategy based on how they wish to increase their sales. Are they aiming for a rise in sales in a particular industry? Or perhaps a surge in sales brought on via outbound email prospecting? Truly effective VPs ensure that sales objectives are precise enough to support equally precise approaches. This makes the impact of various strategies on a company’s sales measurable and repeatable.
  • Builds strong relationships – The VP of Sales must nurture a strong connection with the sales department, the marketing department, the C-suite executives, and the clients. They should know that building and maintaining customer relationships is essential in the B2B sector. The top VPs of Sales act as relationship-building role models for the rest of the sales organization, and they understand the importance of soft skills
  • Possess Emotional Intelligence – A top vice president of sales possesses considerable emotional intelligence and works to nurture the same among everyone in the sales organization. They are aware of the critical role that emotional intelligence plays in sales performance, particularly relationship selling. The top sales vice presidents will consciously think of strategies to help the sales staff develop fundamental skills and traits such as self-awareness and control, self-motivation, resilience, empathy, active listening, intellectual curiosity, and stress management.

Becoming a Vice President of Sales

To become a Vice President of Sales, one must obtain years of expertise in sales, have a track record of profitable deals, and established experience in managerial positions. Most potential VPs possess a bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing, business administration, or a comparable field. Some businesses may want their Vice Presidents of Sales to hold a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

However, the most critical requirement for advancement is a sizable portfolio of profitable closed deals. In addition, candidates must have had previous sales experience where they can pick up tips from seasoned salespeople and roll that into their skill set. Furthermore, leadership positions allow candidates to develop sales tactics and guide sales teams to successful closures. Managerial experience also will enable candidates to demonstrate their responsibility and dedication when working with major clients.

How Much Does a Vice President of Sales Make?

As of the third quarter of 2022, the average VP of Sales salary in the United States was around $262,000, with a broad range between approximately $222,000 and $304,000. However, salary compensation varies depending on several factors, such as education, credentials, supplementary talents, work history, and the amount of experience held in sales.

VP of Sales As a Career Goal

Vice Presidents of Sales run the company’s sales division. It’s a huge responsibility and, therefore, comes with a full roster of essential duties requiring a full suite of skills and a need for seasoned experience.

The reward is not only an excellent compensation package but also a great sense of satisfaction in not only rising to the challenges of running a sales division but making it a success.

If you’re interested in pursuing the position of VP of Sales, or need one for your growing business, contact us today.

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