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Do Salespeople Only Care About Money?

Salespeople get a negative reputation for “only caring about money.”  I am sure that most of you have heard this and many probably believe it.  In fact, this doesn’t seem like a controversial statement at all. Let’s look at the data and see if this is true As a reminder, Rainmakers is the leading software […]

3 Types of Tools that Help Improve Sales

Best Software for Salespeople Even though it appears that COVID-19 is slowing down, it does not change the fact that the virus has changed the world around it. Nobody saw a crisis of this magnitude happening, but it has opened our eyes to expose some of the flaws in the current ways we do things. […]

Need more sales? Tips and tricks for B2B Consultants

The number of people using the internet has grown by leaps and bounds and statistics show that those on the internet is expected to double over the coming years. The internet has changed how people communicate, interact, and discover information. Right now, it is not unusual for customers to research products via their mobile as […]

Building Rapport in a Remote Sales Team

The remote working trend is gaining traction and is currently one of the most sought after work benefits an employer can provide. According to Global Workplace Analytics, forty percent more US employers offer flexible workplace options than they did five years ago. It’s easy to see why telecommuting is proving so popular with both employers […]

Does a Work-Life Balance Exist in Tech Sales?

A Day In The Life 8 AM: Internal sales meeting9 AM: Client meeting prep 10 AM: Client meeting 10:45 AM: Take a call on your way to a client lunch 11 AM: Client lunch 1 PM: Another client meeting 2 PM: Take a call on your way back to the office2:30 PM: Product launch prep at your desk3:30 PM: Send follow-up emails4:30 PM: Recap meeting […]

The Most In-Demand Soft Skills for Salespeople at Startups

If you’re joining a sales team for a tech startup, it’s not enough to just have hard skills. In an interview with Michael Cardamone, we discussed how a salesperson should examine the investors of an early-stage startup, and how knowledgeable the CEO is to predict the evolution of their success. Once you’ve determined whether their […]