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Why Every Salesperson Should Blog and How to Start from Scratch

Maybe you’re unaware of this fact, but working as a salesperson ranks among the most common professions in the world.  More than 21 million people worldwide qualify to be known as a “salesperson,” according to a report by the professional networking website, LinkedIn. Understandably, the designations may vary according to the company and your location. […]

Personal Branding: How to Successfully Build Your Brand as an Industry Expert

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels (https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-holding-white-teacup-in-front-of-gray-laptop-842567) What do business magnate Sir Richard Branson, SEO and social media marketing guru Neil Patel, and best-selling author Mark Manson have in common?  A solid personal brand.  What is personal branding?  Personal branding has become a crucial part of success for anyone with a skill or service to […]

Tech to Improve Remote Sales Team Productivity

Tech to Improve Remote Sales Team Productivity  Now that you’ve landed the sales job you’ve been searching for, you might be thinking about some added benefits that could make your day-to-day a little bit easier. Often, working from home is a luxury most businesses don’t think to offer to their sales professionals. However, sales jobs […]

[Sales Class] Call Coaching – A Lesson by Lauren Bailey

In Lauren Bailey’s video on call coaching, she explains that call coaching was recently ranked as sales leaders worse skill. She explains that the majority of call coaching that happens is informal, and many people do not have structured call coaching meetings, training sessions, or conversations. This is because sales is one of the busiest […]