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In the beautiful city of Phoenix, Arizona, the average annual rainfall is about nine inches. Now imagine this rainfall is the average company salesperson who isn't meeting your needs.

That's why you need a rainmaker.

RAINMAKER - Definition

Someone who generates massive sales and profits for a company and makes it rain

So, how do you find a salesperson in Phoenix, Arizona, who can earn you money? Short answer: you use Rainmakers.

What is Rainmakers?

Rainmakers is a sales recruitment service operating in Phoenix, Arizona. Our team focuses on connecting high-performance sales staff with amazing companies.

Our platform is exclusive to top tech salespeople, letting them showcase their accomplishments, sales, and hiring requirements. As a company, you get access to this list of leading providers, ensuring you find the right fit.


Why Choose Rainmakers as Your Phoenix Sales Recruiters

Our proven system connects top sales talent with companies in Phoenix, Arizona. So by hiring a rainmaker, you know you are getting someone with a proven history of sales talent.

Our platform works for both job seekers and employers. So both parties are encouraged to remain active on the platform, creating dynamic conversations and leading to quick matches of tech industry talent and the companies that deserve them.

Here are the sales positions we support in Phoenix:

  • Sales development representatives. Seek effective professionals who know how to build sales pipelines through cold outreach.
  • Account executives (including mid-market, enterprise, and entry-level). Find someone who can work with new and current clients with amazing results.
  • Customer success manager. Find CSMs who know how to develop and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Sales directors. Find someone to develop strategic plans for new products and services and maintain high customer service standards.
  • Sales manager. Get someone who can manage your sales team's daily operations and strategy.
  • VP of sales. Find someone with the experience to manage all aspects of your sales department.

If you want the top sales talent for your company, Rainmakers has you covered. It all starts with our proven recruitment process.


Our Sales Recruitment Process in Phoenix

Rainmakers is unique because it doesn't just list all salespeople in Phoenix. Instead, it focuses solely on quality applicants, so you know you're hiring someone who makes sales.

By letting Rainmakers handle the filtering, you can save time during the hiring process—no more interviews with people who might be a right fit. Instead, you can focus on people who meet your performance needs.

We do this by providing applicant listings that show a client's experience and proven sales statistics. In addition, our employee listings go deeper than a LinkedIn profile, showing you where they sold and how much they sold.

No more confirming whether the applicant has true sales experience. Instead, you can find everything you need in a quality candidate without leaving the page.

Phoenix is a burgeoning market full of many talented salespeople. Knowing this, it isn't enough to find someone good at general sales. It would be best if you had someone with experience in selling what you offer.

Rainmakers lets you find this out through skill lists that you can easily confirm through experience. Search-specific tags, like "SaaS" or "C-Level Experience," will help you find someone skilled in exactly what you need.

No more wasted time on research, pointless interviews, and job seekers that might help you. With Rainmakers, you know the person fits your needs before you start any employment conversation.


Sales Industries We Serve in Phoenix

Rainmakers specializes in the tech industry in Phoenix. If you're a tech company in the Phoenix, AZ, area, Rainmakers can connect you with the right people.

Here are some more specific industries we work with:

  • AI Companies (like RadiusAI)
  • B2B tech companies (like Avnet)
  • Food & beverage tech companies (like AFS Technologies)
  • Home tech companies (like Dealty and HomeKey Systems)
  • Medical technology companies (like nodMD and Solera Health)
  • Payment processing companies (like Replay and Skooki)
  • Tech security companies (like Axon)
  • Software companies (like Cvent and Chassi)
  • Web hosting companies (like GoDaddy)
  • And any tech niche you can think of

Rainmakers cover all kinds of tech sales jobs. Our system is built to match high-performing salespeople with any niche in the tech industry.


Phoenix Sales Job Market Insights

Phoenix's pro-business environment makes it an attractive market for tech companies. As a result, the list of industries we have above barely scratches the surface.

Phoenix, Arizona, is well on its way to becoming a tier 1 market. This puts it on par with cities like New York and Los Angeles.

During the third quarter of 2022, Phoenix saw a 32% increase in job postings. Many of these postings were in the tech industry.

Those salaries are also growing at the fastest rate in the nation. At 7.6%, Phoenix heavily outpaces the national trend when looking at other cities.

Over the past six years, this massive growth has put Arizona into a supercycle (sustained growth rate). The work of the city leaders, state officials, and local groups has created a friendly environment for new tech companies.

Better yet, Arizona creates incentives for companies to invest in the Phoenix area. So, companies go to Arizona, stay there, and grow there, creating a continuous flow of new tech jobs for hungry salespeople.

Phoenix is doing amazing work to make it rain. So, we stay busy in Phoenix and like it that way.

The Phoenix job market is booming for the tech industry. This boom is expected to continue for years to come.

But how do you get started finding your next high-performance salesperson?


How to Get Started with Our Phoenix Sales Recruiters

Getting started with our Phoenix Sales Recruiters takes you a few seconds. All you have to do is fill out our employer signup form.

Rainmakers isn't just another recruitment company in Arizona. Our team and platform focus on finding top performers in the industry and listing them on our database so you don't have to find them.

That's less time you spend sifting through applications and more time watching your new salesperson get results.

Ready To Find Your Rainmaker?

If you're a tech company in Phoenix seeking exceptional sales talent, Rainmakers is your go-to solution.

With our proven system, unique recruitment process, and focus on quality candidates, we save you time and ensure a perfect fit for your sales team. So don’t settle for average when you can find your rainmaker with Rainmakers.

Get started today and unlock the full potential of your sales in Phoenix.

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