Why Every Salesperson Should Blog and How to Start from Scratch

Maybe you’re unaware of this fact, but working as a salesperson ranks among the most common professions in the world. 

More than 21 million people worldwide qualify to be known as a “salesperson,” according to a report by the professional networking website, LinkedIn. Understandably, the designations may vary according to the company and your location.

Across these 21 million people, half are women and a small percentage are also underage or minors, depending on labor laws of the country.

What This Means?

The sheer number of salespeople around the world clearly points to one thing: that almost every business on this planet requires people to promote and sell their products or services. As more companies emerge across the globe, especially startups with innovative products and services, the number of salespeople will rise exponentially – to about 25 million – by 2025, say industry experts.

This means hiring a salesperson is extremely vital to every business that’s serious about staying in business. And thanks to the internet, salespeople are no longer required to physically call upon potential and existing customers. Instead, they can work online by sending emails nurturing business and chat online with potential leads, all while and performing other functions at the same time.

Therefore, making an online presence is becoming increasingly important for every salesperson.  If you’re a salesperson that’s serious about your career, it is high time you also craft an excellent online presence that aligns with your personal and professional goals.

One of the best ways to create an online presence as a salesperson is by starting your own blog, and here are some of the undeniable reasons why:

Why Should Every Salesperson Have A Blog?

Some may consider sales a profession that doesn’t require or merit blogging, so you may be wondering why I’m suggesting it.

In fact, blogging is essential for every salesperson, whether they are working for a neighborhood brick-and-mortar or selling online for a large multinational company with global presence. 

Here’s why:

Blogging Makes You Popular

As a salesperson, you’ll be familiar with this scenario: some people will buy from you regardless of anything. And some people just won’t convert as customers despite your best efforts and excellent service. This is part of human psychology; nobody can predict why a person trusts someone while distrusting the other, though both are perfectly honest.

However, it’s common knowledge that people will always approach a popular person when they wish to buy something. This flock-mentality, as we call it, leads people to believe that a person is popular due to their honesty, integrity and skills.

Blogging helps you to develop this trust factor among customers and potential leads. They’re curious about what you’re offering and would like to try working with you. 

Honesty Breeds Loyalty

Understandably, not everything that your employer sells in the market will match customer expectations.

Blogging provides you excellent opportunities to write honest reviews about products or services you’re selling, and with some good writing skills, you can present pros and cons of whatever you’re selling in a very positive light that doesn’t harm your employer or customer.

When you’re honest about what you’re selling as salesperson through a blog, it’s natural that customers and potential leads will be drawn to you. They’ll be interested in knowing more about a product or service, as well as about you as an individual. Because your honest blogposts and reviews are a clear indicator that you’re there to serve the customer’s interest too it makes it easy for them to pinpoint you as a potential resource.

Interaction with Customers & Leads

Frequent, healthy interactions with existing customers and potential leads is the secret behind the success of every salesperson. Blogging increases the reach of potential leads you can work with more than just cold calling and emailing alone. People interested in your products will ask questions before they buy. When you respond to their queries honestly and resolve every doubt, there’re excellent chances of converting these lead as customers.

You can also make discreet special offers to convert a lead into a client. And that works wonders for your career. That’s exactly what happens when you blog as salesperson. Customers can post questions and comments about the product or service you’re promoting. Responding to concerns immediately by taking proper measures instead of allowing an issue to magnify will make your life easier as a salesperson and you will be thankful.

Starting Blog from Scratch as Salesperson

If you recognize how these three advantages can help your career as a saleperson, you might now be wondering where to start if you need to make one from scratch.

Here are some basic tips on how to get started:

Read or Watch an Excellent Tutorial

I’ll start by assuring you that starting a blog from a scratch isn’t difficult. Obviously, you’ll have to exert some extra efforts. There’re several outstanding tutorials online about how to start blogging. Read a good article written by any successful blogger.  Most successful bloggers also have their own YouTube channels. Subscribe to this channel to learn a lot about creating blogs that cater to large audiences.

YouTube Videos on Blogging

Usually, every successful blogger shares their knowledge with people like us through their own YouTube channels. Look for these video tutorials from any excellent, celebrity blogger from any country. Subscribe to their YouTube channel to get updates on what’s going on in the world of blogging and keep an eye out for trends in content or styling that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Learn Basic Digital Marketing

Digital marketing consists of various processes that enable you to reach a broader audience that’s looking for something specific such as your product or service. Nowadays, excellent digital marketing courses are very affordable and available online. As salesperson, understanding digital marketing will help you be successful in marketing yourself as well as the business you are representing.

Invest In a Paid Website

You can open a free blog or invest a little money on a paid website. Nowadays, you can get a domain name and hosting for as low as $99 per year using websites like Squarespace or Wix, which is fairly affordable for every salesperson to start a blog from scratch. We recommend you opt for a WordPress website since updating it frequently and performing digital marketing processes are much easier on this hosting platform. There are also free options like Medium.

Use Social Media

No salesperson can afford to ignore the importance and relevance of social media. Maybe your employer already has an excellent social media page on Facebook, a Twitter account and some presence on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms, but you can and should too. Promoting your personal blog by leveraging social media to get more followers that eventually translate into leads and sales is probably one of the easiest methods of reaching a largest audience.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to start a blog from scratch, we suggest you get started right now. Blogging also gives you the potential to make money through online resources such as Google AdSense, sponsored posting and affiliate marketing. Add to the success you aim to achieve as a salesperson by taking advantage of the many benefits of starting a blog. Good luck!

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