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Rainmakers is a unique recruiting system designed specifically for companies needing specific sales talent. Professionals can receive bids from companies interested in hiring by creating a detailed sales profile, including sales history and job requirements. In addition, our service offers complete confidentiality and control, only sharing information with employers when the salesperson is ready.

Our platform is praised for its seamless user experience and is completely free. As a result, Rainmakers has helped numerous salespeople land their ideal roles in companies like Dialpad, Envoy, Freshworks, and many others.

Rainmakers stands out from traditional sales recruiters by giving the power back to the salesperson, showcasing their achievements, and allowing them to set their own hiring requirements. This benefits companies as it helps narrow the screening process, allowing you to be matched with the most appropriate candidates.

The demand for tech sales professionals is high, and with the right skillset - including business acumen, emotional intelligence, project management, and resilience - one can thrive in this field. Tech sales jobs are available across the United States, with Raleigh, North Carolina, quickly becoming one of the most popular markets.


Why We’re Different

Assemble your perfect sales team in Raleigh, NC, with Rainmakers. Our unique service is designed to align your company's needs with top-performing salespeople. Rainmakers ensures you're always interviewing the finest sales talent by only accepting high-quality applicants. In addition, the platform offers in-depth sales profiles that go beyond traditional resumes or LinkedIn profiles, providing comprehensive sales statistics such as performance metrics, products sold, and past clientele. This depth of information makes it simple to identify candidates with the skills and experience that effortlessly match your requirements.

Define the role, get matched with talent, and hire the right candidate. It’s really that simple!

Our Approach to Recruiting

At Rainmakers, our sales recruitment approach in Raleigh is uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of the local market. We start by understanding your company's particular requirements and goals. We then tap into our pool of high-quality sales professionals, each of whom has been thoroughly vetted and assessed based on their skills, experience, and proven sales performance.

Our platform provides in-depth sales profiles, allowing you to view comprehensive sales statistics and information beyond the usual resume data. The result is an efficient and effective recruitment process that identifies and secures top-tier sales talent that aligns with your business objectives and contributes significantly to your revenue growth.


Raleigh’s Booming Tech Scene

Our latest market research indicates that Raleigh and its surrounding Triangle area are recognized as the second-fastest expanding tech ecosystem in the United States. This esteemed reputation began in 1965 when IBM established its presence in the Research Triangle Park, marking the region as an emerging hotspot for technological innovation. Half a century later, the tech giant Apple announced its plans to launch a 1 million square foot campus in RTP, with the capacity to accommodate 3,000 employees.

Rainmakers is proud to be a part of this thriving tech community. With over 4,000 tech companies operating in the area, the Triangle is home to over 60,000 professionals. The tech firms here are known for their groundbreaking work in various sectors, such as interactive software and games, open source, hardware manufacturing, defense technology, telecommunications, and nanotechnology.

Raleigh has been recognized as the 10th Top Tech Talent Market in North America, according to CBRE's "Scoring Tech Talent" report of 2020.

Raleigh is at the forefront of the software industry, with industry behemoths like SAS and Allscripts choosing to establish their headquarters in the Triangle. This region has become a magnet for technical talent, attracting companies specializing in diverse areas like mobile applications, healthcare IT, cloud computing, and cyber security. The Triangle's strong higher education programs continually replenish the talent pool, ensuring a steady stream of intelligent and motivated professionals ready to contribute to the tech sector.


Raleigh Job Market & Insights

Raleigh, North Carolina, acclaimed as the fifth-best job market in the United States, is experiencing significant growth, particularly in the technology sector. Following an exceptional year of job creation and company recruitment in 2022, Raleigh continues to attract substantial investments. Wake County Economic Development leaders report that despite economic challenges such as inflation, labor shortages, and rising interest rates, the economic development pipeline remains robust, primarily in advanced technology industries.

Raleigh's economic success reflects its quality of life, cost of living, amenities, and diverse industries.

Despite concerns about tech-sector layoffs, fewer job openings, and tempered expectations for 2023, Raleigh's market shows promising strength and dynamism, particularly in the tech sector. Moreover, with nearly 47% of the population holding a college degree or more, Raleigh offers a wealth of educated and skilled talent, making it an attractive location for businesses and economic growth.


Rainmakers + Raleigh

We understand the unique needs of businesses in Raleigh and the surrounding Triangle area. Our innovative recruitment approach and platform provide access to top-tier sales professionals, ensuring companies can leverage the wealth of talent in this booming region.

If you're ready to tap into this potential and assemble your perfect sales team in Raleigh, North Carolina, Rainmakers is here to help. Explore our services today and take the first step towards unleashing your business's sales potential. Get started now!

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