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Finding Top Sales Talent Made Easy

Finding the right people when your Chicago area business needs new sales talent takes time and effort. Hiring managers often find that the pest people already have a position or have multiple companies wanting them. Yet you can’t succeed without an effective sales team.

Rainmakers knows how to help. We will help you find a rainmaker or an employee who will bring in revenue for your company.

Rainmakers is a sales recruiting firm that will connect you with the salespeople you need. We have a database of the best salespeople and the Chicago companies who need their talent. We help you connect more quickly with the people who will help you land more sales so that you can find success in a competitive market.

What’s Chicago’s Job Market Like?

Chicago’s job market attracts top talent, especially in the tech industry. It is a thriving market for startups in data science and general tech fields, which also means Chicago’s tech industry is a top place for sales talent looking for work. This creates a competitive hiring process, and recruiting agencies can be an invaluable tool for those companies looking to make a new hire.


What Is a Sales Recruiting Agency?

A sales recruiting agency is an agency that specifically helps with hiring qualified sales professionals. Sales recruiters from these agencies understand the unique nature of skilled sales professionals while also understanding the hiring process. They put this expertise to work for a company to help them find the best salespeople and streamline the hiring process.

Rainmakers and other sales recruiting agencies have a finger on the available talent. They take the time to find top people and put them into position quickly, so companies can focus on continuing to run their effective businesses.

What Challenges Do Hiring Managers Face in Chicago?

In the sales industry, businesses are facing a talent crisis. Historically, Chicago area businesses had high rep turnover rates, which have increased even more recently. Companies in the tech field, in particular, find they can’t locate the sales professionals they need for success, and when they do find people, those people lack the soft skills they need for success. Sales recruiting firms help stand in this gap so companies can quickly overcome these challenges and find the right people with the right skills.


What Types of Companies Work with Sales Recruiters?

Most companies require sales professionals to help them sell their products or services. However, some companies rely more heavily on these professionals than others. These include:

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical: In the medical world, the sales of medications, devices, and services are all important and require a sales team.
  • Retail: Sales are the hallmark of the retail industry, so, logically, retail companies will need sales professionals.
  • Technology: Whether creating software, cybersecurity programming, SaaS products, or something else, technology companies must have sales professionals to help them sell their products and services.

While all of these types of companies need sales professionals, the tech industry has the highest demand for them in the Chicago area. The combination of the large number of tech companies in the city combined with the need that these companies have for effective sales creates the demand.

How Does the Recruiting Process Work in Chicago?

When companies in Chicago partner with Rainmakers to help them with their talent search, they benefit from working with a team that understands how to find people and onboard them effectively. With a proven process that works, we take the pressure off of the HR team and hiring managers and help you find better talent to interview.

For our Chicago area clients, you can expect the process to work like this:

  • Contracting with the sales recruiter: The first step is officially hiring the Rainmakers team to help you with your talent search.
  • Establishing your goals: Once you contract with our team, we will learn more about what you need in a new hire. By understanding your goals, we can help you create more effective job postings to draw the right candidates. We can also dip into our existing database of candidates to find one who fits your needs.
  • Finding potential candidates: Besides posting job ads, the Rainmakers team will dig into our database of available talent. Our professional network will move to find qualified candidates that meet your exact specification. Each candidate in our database submits an in-depth profile so that you can screen them more effectively.
  • Interview potential candidates: Before any candidates reach your team, Rainmakers will screen them with an interview and vetting process. Because we’ve spent time with you and know what you want, we can effectively select only the best, most qualified people for you.
  • Hire from a small pool: Once you get potential candidates, you will have a small, pre-screened pool to select from. As a result, you can interview, hire, and bring your new recruit onto your team more quickly.

How Does a Recruiting Agency Help the Hiring Process?

Working with a recruiter does several things when you are in the midst of the hiring process. These include:

  1. Hire more quickly: The time from listing a job to filling it shortens significantly when someone else is doing the recruiting and screening for you.
  2. Improve the quality of candidates: Recruitment agencies, like Rainmakers, have pre-screened, vetted professionals ready to serve you.
  3. Benefit from specialist knowledge: Our sales recruiters have insider knowledge of what it takes to screen people and find quality people. This recruiting expertise takes the guesswork out of finding talent.
  4. Gain market knowledge: Whether you need someone who knows Chicago or who knows your particular market well, Rainmakers can do both.
  5. Extend your reach: Finally, when you work with a recruiting agency, you can extend your reach beyond just candidates actively looking for a new job. Sometimes, those who aren’t looking fit your needs best, and we know how to find these people and encourage them to take the plunge into a new position.

How Does a Sales Recruiting Agency Find Candidates?

At Rainmakers, we maintain a database of vetted, talented sales professionals who are already waiting to find a job. We collect in-depth sales profiles of each one that shows their performance data and overall skills. This lets us quickly find a pool of people when you contact us for recruiting help. Because we already have the people, we help you save time and reduce risk when hiring someone new.

Are you ready to expand your Chicago sales team? Then, create your profile on Rainmakers today to get started.

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