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Top Recruiting Agencies in New York City

1) Hirewell

What sets Hirewell apart from other recruiting agencies is its team of recruitment consultants who specialize in a variety of functions and industries. From technology and HR to marketing, sales, finance and accounting, real estate, supply chain, insurance, and executive recruiting, Hirewell has the expertise and experience to find the right talent for any organization. In addition, Hirewell has developed its own recruiting tech, which enables it to match candidates with the best opportunities and helps clients streamline their recruitment processes.

2) Rainmakers

Rainmakers offers a proven, effective process that takes the workload off of hiring managers while improving the quality of the candidates they interview. By first defining your needs and then reaching candidates, the team at Rainmakers ensures that the people you spend time with are highly qualified, talented candidates for your business.

3) Nadine Bocelli & Company, Inc.

Nadine Bocelli & Company, Inc. and New York Legal Staffing, Inc. are legal staffing companies dedicated to providing direct hire, temp-to-perm, and temporary legal staffing and employment solutions in the Greater New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas. Their expertise, integrity, and dedication make them the top choice for legal staffing and recruitment in New York City.

4) RedStream Technology

RedStream Technology is a recruitment agency that specializes in connecting exceptional I.T. professionals to extraordinary career opportunities since 2007. Their high-touch, hands-on approach and deep relationships with stakeholders result in a greater understanding of their needs. This means a more satisfying placement for candidates and the highest rate of return on staffing investment for companies.


How to Hire Sales Talent in New York City

Rainmakers provides organizations, from start-ups to established corporations, with top-shelf sales talent and steady hiring success. With Rainmakers in their corner, hiring teams can rest easy in the city that never sleeps.

The Tech Sales Climate in New York City

Let’s face it – hiring has never been more challenging. The tech sales market grows more competitive by the day, and sifting through pile after pile of candidates eats up valuable resources.

Even when time and budget are removed from the sales recruiting equation, it can be exceedingly difficult for in-house hiring teams to fully understand the nuances of hiring sales applicants that will thrive in their organizations over the long term.

Salespeople all come equipped with unique strengths and weaknesses, which can ultimately make or break their performance over time. So, if you need top sales talent but aren’t up to speed with industry insights, assessing sales skills, or determining factors that make for a good fit, you may be in the market for sales recruiting services.

Let’s take a closer look at how a sales recruiting agency can benefit your organization today.

What is a Sales Recruitment Agency?

A sales recruitment agency specializes in qualifying, sourcing, and assessing sales positions, unlike a traditional recruitment agency, which offers the same services for a broader range of roles. This narrow focus on sales gives sales recruitment agencies the edge when connecting employers to top sales talent because of their depth of sales knowledge and vital industry insights.

Moving qualified candidates into the interviewing process is significant in the hiring puzzle. However, locating eligible candidates who also fit specific job requirements, company culture considerations, and temperamental preferences is often too much for in-house teams to handle independently.

Remember that partnering with a sales recruiting agency allows in-house hiring teams to cast a much wider net than simply posting job openings on job boards, optimizes the hiring process, and significantly decreases the average time-to-hire.

How Does a Recruiting Agency Help the Hiring Process?

Recruiting agencies augment the hiring process in several impactful ways. Hiring teams regain their precious time, only interview highly qualified candidates, and reach talent they would have missed.

Improves Hiring Speed

Sales recruiting agencies, like Rainmakers, have access to specialized recruiting tools, broad hiring networks, and vast talent databases. These advantages allow sales recruitment agencies to hire quickly and efficiently. An in-house hiring team would be hard-pressed to match the lightning hiring speeds of specialized sales recruitment agencies.

Filters Qualified Talent

Sales recruitment agencies prioritize quality over quantity, though they still provide many qualified applicants. This qualified talent filter is one of the principal benefits hiring agencies offer. Unfortunately, sifting through stacks of candidates to separate the stand-outs from the throw-outs costs internal hiring teams precious time and money, often yielding mixed hiring results.

Expands Talent Pool

Sales recruitment agencies cast a significantly wider net, reaching candidates well beyond the range of in-house teams. Job boards and LinkedIn posts only represent a small fraction of entry points for job applicants, and sales recruitment agencies utilize these alternative avenues to full effect.

Offers Industry Insights

Tech sales recruitment agencies specialize in the entire gamut of sales positions within a single vertical. This narrow focus affords recruitment agencies exceptional insight into highly technical and complex roles and requirements.


How Does the Recruiting Process Work in New York City?

While the sales recruitment process across locations and industries is essentially the same, sales recruiting in places like New York City can add significant complexity to hiring the right sales talent.

The reason? Well, like other major metropolitan hubs of industry, the sheer size of New York City’s talent pool makes candidates that much more challenging to hire. That’s because candidates living in New York have access to immense opportunities and choices.

The time sales talent spend between jobs is often brief, placing pressure on hiring teams and sales recruitment agencies to find, vet, and hire in a New York minute.

With New York City’s unique hiring challenges top of mind, the Rainmakers sales recruiting process provides hiring teams with streamlined sourcing and role matching second to none.

Here’s a quick look under the hood of our proven sales hiring process:


At Rainmakers, we don't just match you with any sales professional - we take the time to understand your business needs through a detailed initial consultation. Once we know what you're looking for, we optimize your job posting to appeal to top-performing sales professionals. Our recruitment team then scours our comprehensive network and talent database to source the best candidates. We provide in-depth sales profiles for each candidate so you know whom you're interviewing before the process begins.

Our team thoroughly screens and interviews each candidate before passing along only the cream of the crop for your consideration. With a smaller pool of top-tier candidates, you can quickly identify and select the best fit for your company's needs, starting the onboarding process and setting your team up for success.

What Challenges Do Hiring Managers Face in New York City?

New York City hiring managers face the three most pressing challenges: applicant overload, rising sales rep attrition rates, and shifting employment standards and norms.

New York City’s sales talent pool is enormous, leaving in-house hiring teams with mountains of applicants to review and vet. This profusion of applicants may seem like a blessing in disguise, but most applicants sourced from basic, traditional techniques are unqualified or ill-fitted. As a result, applicant overload can paralyze a hiring team.

The rising attrition rate among New York City sales reps points to the inefficiencies and failures of traditional hiring processes. A candidate's success or failure in their role is rooted in their initial recruitment experience. If the recruitment process is slow, disjointed, and doesn’t effectively match talent to positions, there’s a significantly higher chance those hires will jump ship sooner than later.

Employee expectations have undergone sweeping shifts in a short time. The younger generations bring new demands, standards, and norms to the workplace, and many organizations need help to keep up. A sales recruitment agency understands these shifting standards and knows how to communicate with younger candidates about their expectations.


Your Sales Dream Team is Right Around the Block

Rainmakers puts employers on the fast track to hiring their dream sales team. So, if you’re looking to supercharge your hiring process for the best and brightest applications, set up an account and try working with Rainmakers today!

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