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How Recruitment Consultants Deliver Top Talent

If you want to find someone who meets and exceeds expectations when finding someone for a job opening, a recruitment consultant can help.

What is a recruitment consultant? It’s someone who helps you find the most qualified candidate for a job opening with any business. They work with companies and leverage their connections to find employees for employers.

If you are trying to find a recruitment consultant for your company, it helps to know what they do, when to hire them, and how to work with them. This article will review those three points and provide tips for selecting the best consultant.

Role and Responsibilities of a Recruitment Consultant

Like any profession, recruitment consultants will help with some things, but not everything. Finding out what recruitment consultants usually do in their position will save you some time and headaches.

Here’s a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of most recruitment consultants:

  • Initially, consultants seek companies (like yours) to work with. They might do this as a freelancer or on behalf of recruitment agencies. Next, they’ll research your open job positions, company culture, and desired qualifications to develop the best sales pitch.
  • Once you hire them, consultants will advertise open positions on your behalf. You get exposure through job boards, websites, and networking events through their work.
  • Based on your requirements, consultants contact people who respond to these openings. They might even leverage their pre-existing network of employees. They will review resumes, conduct interviews, and administer tests based on your open position.
  • Consultants will also source proactively, finding “needle in a haystack” candidates who are perfect fits for the role. They will actively work to sell the candidate on the opportunity and get them into the interview process.
  • After interviewing potential candidates, consultants reach out to the most promising ones. They then inform potential employees of the salary and job benefits on your behalf. Then, based on your instruction, consultants can negotiate pay and benefits.

Recruiting consultants take over most of the roles of a hiring manager. Because they specialize in recruitment, they are usually more efficient than hiring managers.

Some consultants will help you through onboarding. This disincentivizes new hires from leaving, making them look better.

Because each recruitment consultant differs in their work, it’s better to ask them about their process.

Selecting Recruitment Consultants

Before running outside and hiring the first recruitment consultant you see, take some time to pick the right consultant. Much like hiring for an open position, hiring a new consultant requires careful consideration of your needs.

You already know one of these points: finding someone in your industry. But, outside of finding someone who knows your industry, you need someone who meets your needs. So, here are a few things to look out for:

  • Fits your budget. If you can’t afford the consultant, don’t hire the consultant. Be sure it fits your budget for hiring.
  • Experienced. Consultants with more recruitment experience are naturally better at their job. Mostly, this means they’ve gotten connections you might be able to leverage. 
  • Attentive and engaged. Like any new hire, you want to find someone who loves their work. Good consultants are good listeners and obsessed with providing great results for their clients.

Whether you hire a recruitment agency or consultant, you’ll look for the same things. You want your point of communication to fit your needs for budget, experience, and understanding.

Finding a recruitment consultant is similar to hiring for your open job role. The difference? Hiring someone to recruit means you are hiring a business you can review. In addition, consultants and agencies could be liable for damages if they give you a bad hire.

Do Recruitment Consultants Work?

Industries Where Recruitment Consultants Excel

Recruitment consultants excel in industries that require a high degree of skill. This includes technical skills requiring testing or startups requiring very talented people.

Here are a few examples of technical industries that usually use consultants:

  • IT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Medical
  • Semiconductors
  • Engineering
  • Renewable energy

External recruiters often have pre-existing testing methods able to handle technical jobs. This is much less expensive than the alternative of building your testing methodology.

For example, if you want to hire someone in SaaS sales, you can test their knowledge of Subscription as a Service product and terminology.

Alternatively, startups also benefit from using external recruitment consultants. This is because they have less room for failure, requiring incredibly competent people to fill those positions. Larger businesses have more room to fail and can leverage other successful business ventures.

Strategies for Collaborating with Recruitment Consultants

Once you find a recruitment consultant you like to work with, take steps to make your work comfortable. Below, you’ll find a few strategies you can use to work effectively with consultants:

  • Be clear about what you want. When hiring potential candidates, there are some must-haves and some flexible needs. Be clear about your requirements, especially when it comes to inflexible needs.
  • Find someone who works in your industry. Recruitment consultants come in many flavors, meaning they specialize in different sectors. For example, Rainmakers is a company that specializes in finding top sales talent.
  • Keep your hiring process simple. Overly complex hiring processes are confusing for new employees and consultants. By keeping things simple, you can retain more employees and better explain your needs to consultants.
  • Communicate regularly. Keeping an open and honest communication channel is crucial for new collaborations. Set up regular meetings with the consultant so you can keep up to date and check in to be sure everyone’s needs are met.
  • Check with HR. When onboarding begins, human resources will take over, getting the new employer up to speed. Be sure to check with your HR department to see if they have any input on collaborating with the consultant.

Establishing a strong relationship helps you collaborate better. So, please work with your consultants to be sure they (and you) can find the right candidate for any open position. You’ll find things go much easier in this case.

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Do Recruitment Consultants Work?

Recruitment consultants are a great way to find candidates quickly. When you can hand off duties like creating job postings and reading resumes, businesses can focus on where they excel.

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