How To Find Sales Recruiters

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Finding The Best Sales Recruiters

Job searches are many things. Among them, they are tedious, frustrating, complicated, and lengthy. This applies not only to job seekers but recruiters as well. According to the job review website Glassdoor, each corporate job attracts an average of 250 applicants for one opening.

That’s a lot of resumes to go through.

If you’re a business looking for qualified tech sales personnel, it behooves you to find that perfect recruit in as little time as possible so they can begin earning. But, simultaneously, you want to feel confident you’re hiring the best person for the position. We are in the sales recruiting business and know the best of the best.

Here is our list of the 10 Best Sales Recruiters in the US.

The Best Sales Recruiters in the US

1) Rainmakers

The leading tech recruiting platform hiring tech and SaaS salespeople.  Rainmakers brings data into sales hiring and utilizes the latest sourcing technology to help companies build their sales teams efficiently. Hire qualified and diverse salespeople through a quick and scalable platform. They offer both self-service and managed solutions. Operates US-wide.

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2) Hirewell

Hirewell is a Chicago-based talent solutions provider.  They have over 200 recruiters globally, focusing on sales (15+ sales recruiters).  They work with hundreds of companies across the US, ranging from early-stage tech companies to enterprise tech organizations. Hirewell helps companies hire one-off sales executives and build out teams of SDRs, AEs, and GTM teams. Hirewell also partners with companies for their sales hiring efforts through its OnDemand Recruiting offering, where it embeds a Hirewell recruiter into its recruiting function.

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3) The Collective Search 

Boutique agency specializing in sales hires for venture-backed SaaS/tech companies. They are known for their incredibly personal, meticulous, caring approach to each placement, emphasizing personality/culture fit. Strong, loyal community of sales professionals who care about thriving and succeeding. Started in SF and now have a presence on both coasts.

4) True Search

A diversified recruiting agency with a focus on working with venture-backed tech companies. They have a broad focus across many disciplines, including sales, technology, and finance. 

5) Betts Recruiting

Betts recruiting focuses on sales, marketing, and executive hires for Venture Backed startups and technology companies

6) CloserIQ

The firm is HQ’d in New York and has a strong presence with East Coast employers. They specialize in Sales, Technology, and Executive Search.

7) HuntClub

An executive search firm with a strong focus on Go-To-Market leadership

8) RJR Partners

A traditional executive search and recruiting firm with experience in sales, marketing, and product, among others. 

What Is a Tech Sales Recruiter?

A sales recruiter is a specialist who works with businesses to find the best candidates for sales positions of all levels, from Sales Development Representatives (SDR) and Account Executives (AE) to Sales Managers and VPs of Sales. To match job seekers with the appropriate opportunities, they work with applicants to determine their skills, experience, and goals.

Tech sales recruiters specifically aim to help salespeople with experience or interest in technically-oriented businesses—whether they be focused on hardware, software, cybersecurity, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, telecom, or more—find the best opportunities by introducing them to jobs and organizations they may not have been aware of.

They accomplish this by leveraging excellent communication and networking skills, industry knowledge, and the ability to match job seekers with hiring managers.

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How To Find a Recruiter for Your Business

Finding a sales recruiter isn’t as difficult as one might imagine. Here are the key points to keep in mind.

Industry-Specific or General?

If you’re looking for a sales position that doesn’t require much-specialized knowledge, you can go with a recruiter that works with all sorts of applicants. This can be advantageous because it gives you a larger pool of potential applicants. The downside is that you may get more misses than hits if your company focuses on specialized knowledge, such as tech.

If you choose a recruiter, such as Rainmakers, specializing in tech-related positions, you’re more likely to get promising candidates right from the start.

Long Term or Short Term?

Generally, there are two types of recruiters—staffing agencies and permanent placement recruiters.

Staffing agencies hire for temporary or temp-to-perm hourly positions and then contract them to employers, collecting a percentage of the hourly fee as a markup.

Permanent placement recruiters focus on long-term hiring opportunities. The recruitment agency finds, evaluates, and represents talent, while the hiring manager hires the prospect as a full-time employee.

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Researching Recruiters Online

You can find many professional sales recruiters in various areas. Two top places to start would be Google and, perhaps better, LinkedIn. Start with some keyword searches that apply to your business or the specific sales position you intend to fill. Some examples might include:

  • “Sales recruitment”
  • “Talent acquisition”
  • “Headhunter sales tech”
  • “Sales executive recruitment”
  • “SDR hiring”
  • “Account Executive/AE tech hiring”

Word of Mouth

One of the best and most reliable ways to find a trustworthy recruiter is to contact your professional network. If the hiring manager of a business in the same industry as yours reports success using a particular recruitment platform, it’s a good bet you may as well.

The Top Recruitment Markets

You’ll want a recruitment agency with knowledge and access to candidates in the top tech sales markets in the country. Ensure your recruiter knows where to find potential salespeople in major U.S. cities like San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, New York City, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Raleigh.

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What Are the Best Recruiting Tips For Tech Companies?

Hiring the best tech salespeople is not easy. However, top performers are in high demand, and working in the tech industry can be particularly challenging. Here are some tips that should better your chances of locating and hiring the right people for your business.

Clearly Define the Position

Be straightforward about the qualities you’re looking for in a sales professional before you start recruiting them. Similarly, have clear job descriptions available either as part of a hiring pitch or easily located online.

Lay out the knowledge, abilities, and other attributes required for the hire to succeed. When these are in place, it will be simpler to evaluate each candidate.

Use a Personal Approach

When reaching out to a potential hire, address them by name and avoid any appearance of their name being inserted into a form. While talking about compensation is important, don’t forget to speak about company culture and the unique benefits of working for your company.

Many leave their positions due to poor compensation and a hostile company atmosphere. Put the candidate’s worry to rest by selling them the benefits of hiring with you.

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Don’t Make Them Wait

It’s become almost a bad joke—the amount of time and number of hoops candidates have to jump through to go from initial interview to final hire.

That won’t work for tech sales positions that are in high demand. You want to streamline the process or, at least, ensure the candidate knows where they are in the hiring process and the expected timeline. Tech sales candidates are likely considering several offers. You don’t want to draw the process out so long that you lose a potentially great new hire to another company because you didn’t move fast enough.

An experienced recruiting agency like Rainmakers can help make the hiring process quicker, so this is less likely.

Make the Right Offer

Many tech salespeople start with a basic salary between $40,000 and $92,000, with incentives and commissions ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, with many earning over $100,000 annually. If you can’t give competitive pay, your candidate will go elsewhere.

Also, consider additional incentives or benefits during the offer stage to help close the deal. You may even want to consider a sign-on bonus.

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Should I Connect With Recruiters On LinkedIn?

The short answer? Absolutely.

There are several reasons why looking for recruiters on LinkedIn is a good idea.

LinkedIn is the largest platform for professionals of all types worldwide. As a result, it’s often the first place companies list open positions and where hiring managers begin looking for potential candidates. Likewise, it’s where many sales professionals post their availability or interest in looking for a sales position.

Because LinkedIn is so large, it can be daunting to look for candidates individually, no matter how narrow you make your keyword searches. By looking for a professional recruiting agency on LinkedIn, you can find the right agency for your business to help you in your search.

Sales Recruitment Solutions At Rainmakers

Rainmakers accepts only quality applicants, so you can be confident that you’re interviewing the top sales talent around. In addition, when we look at potential candidates, you can see all their sales stats, such as performance, what they’ve sold, and who they’ve sold to. This allows you to save valuable time by quickly identifying candidates with the skills, experience, and fit you’re looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help fill your tech sales needs.