The 20 Tech Companies Paying The Highest Salaries For Salespeople in 2019

highest paying jobs in tech sales
Tech has been a consistent source of high paying jobs and security for many programmers and engineers. But what about sales?

For all the software that is constantly being developed, salespeople are needed to deliver these products to customers. Due to the growth of tech, the demand for sales has increased dramatically. What most people don’t realize is how many lucrative sales positions are available.

According to Glassdoor, tech companies have a median pay of $80,000 for sales jobs on the corporate level. For those who think that pay is too low, consider that a successful salesperson will earn much more because of the nature of commissions and bonuses.

Here are The 20 Tech Companies Paying The Highest Salaries For Salespeople in 2019


Two of the biggest cities for tech sales, San Francisco and San Jose, together made available more than 5,000 corporate sales jobs. Below is our list of tech companies with the highest pay based on their median compensation:


Base Salary: $110,000
Commission: $100,000
Total Pay: $235,000

Topping our list is industry leader SAP SE. Their enterprise application software helps businesses and organizations process large amounts of data relatively cheaply. Their main headquarters is located in Germany. Their North American headquarters are located in Newtown Square, Pa.


2. Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO – Get Report)
Base Salary: $93,000
Commission: $100,000
Total Pay: $211,000

Tech giant Cisco designs, manufacture and sells networking equipment. As the San Jose, Calif.-based company looks to “navigate several fundamental technology transitions, including cloud computing, mobility and the internet of everything,” it is generally moving away from being a hardware provider toward higher growth areas such as cloud computing and offering software-defined networking.


3. CA Inc. (CA)
Base Salary: $110,000
Commission: $100,000
Total Pay: $210,000

The information tech management powerhouse CA Technologies is still relevant despite declining demand. As of right now, there haven’t been any major moves to adapt, yet they are still dominant in their salaries in sales. This could signal a greater need for talent in the sales department or reward for the constant success of the department. CA Inc is a huge name in the industry and despite its age will continue to hold a powerful part of the market.

Critics have noted that their core business is focused on a declining mainframe business, but it also participates in “rapidly growing software markets,” such as Cloud Management, DevOps, IT Business Management, and Security.


4. EMC Corp. (EMC)
Base Salary: $100,000
Commission: $100,000
Total Pay: $200,000

Hopkinton, Massachusetts headquarters the EMC Corp which specializes in large-scale data storage systems and software for businesses and corporations. Similar to CA Inc, their older hardware is losing demand in the market. However, and business this large understands the need to provide innovations, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do.

Last week EMC agreed to sell a controlling stake in its Syncplicity business to investment firm Skyview Capital. Syncplicity competes with Dropbox and Box (BOX) by helping companies “sync and shares data files both on their premises and in external cloud data centers,” The Journal said.


5. Symantec Corp. (SYMC – Get Report)
Base Salary: $102,500
Commission: $76,250
Total Pay: $197,500

Symantec, which specializes in cybersecurity and dominates the industry, announced it’s split into two companies. Their cybersecurity and Veritas departments will now be separate which is a sign of growth and job openings.

The Mountain View, California based corporation transitioned from its namesake (Norton Antivirus) to tackling more critical security issues. They provide services for almost every single company on the Fortune 500 list. They are not immune to competition however, others in the industry such as FireEye and Palo Alto Networks are small/agile companies that are growing.


6. Microsoft (MSFT – Get Report)
Base Salary: $118,000
Commission: $50,000
Total Pay: $191,000

Microsoft is not the giant it used to be but their still out there making big moves. Their recent release oh high-end laptops have put them in strong competition with Mac. They focus less on the sales of their operating systems and have begun to focus on hardware which seems to be working out great for them. Only about 25% of its quarterly revenue comes from software now.


7. (CRM – Get Report)
Base Salary: $90,000
Commission: $68,000
Total Pay: $173,500 is a company from the new generation of tech. Their cloud-based software company aids clients with their customer relationship management. With Salesforce, companies are better able to store data, develop and access customer and potential customer data, track all progress and predict future results. This company is a great example of the increased demand for sales. This service is not as well known as the big names but it can provide serious value to the right customers. They just need to know it exists.

8. Adobe Systems (ADBE – Get Report)
Base Salary: $90,000
Commission: $50,000
Total Pay: $162,500

The much loved Adobe Systems, located in San Jose, California is making dramatic changes as well. Despite its branding as hip new technology, which it is, they have had various security problems with it’s Flash Player.
With that issue largely being corrected by Adobe and the various web browsers working together with the block the software, Adobe can focus on its powerhouse software The Adobe Suit. Their focus now is delivering their software from the cloud.

9. Avaya
Base Salary: $95,000
Commission: $60,000
Total Pay: $160,000

Avaya, also in Santa Clara, California is less of a household name but still is a force to be reckoned with. Their focus is on communication hardware for businesses, corporations, and government agencies. Their acquisition of Esna Technologies helped them get better control of the market by also providing communications software.

10. IBM (IBM – Get Report)
Base Salary: $100,000
Commission: $45,000
Total Pay: $150,000

The legendary IBM has been surviving after all these years. Their adaptation comes from the acceptance of cloud computing for high-growth businesses. The New York based company has faced adversity in the past but are going strong and will continue to earn around $40 billion by the end of this year.


11. Hewlett-Packard
Base Salary: $101,821
Commission: $40,313
Total Pay: $142,134

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and the technology company Continental today announced a new platform, expected to be available in 2019 which is based on blockchain technology. This is great news for a company that has been around for a long time. Anytime these large, well known, powerhouse commit to adopting new technology it shows reliable growth for the future.

HP has also begun a project to work with car manufacturers to monetize their data and vary their brands. Based on blockchain technology, the platform provides data sovereignty, security, transparency, and efficiency to overcome the barriers of sharing vehicle data.


12. Oracle
Base Salary: $100,000
Commission: $52,500
Total Pay: $152,500

Oracle Corp., one of the nation’s leading software and IT companies, is scouting the Nashville market for an urban office hub, according to multiple real estate sources. Those sources say the Bay Area-based company is seeking at least 500,000 square feet of office space, with the potential to grow to as much as twice that size.

13. Mulesoft
Base Salary: $102,000
Commission: $75,000
Total Pay: $177,00

About a year ago, Salesforce acquired MuleSoft for a massive $6.5 billion, the largest deal in the company’s history. At first, this deal wasn’t well received mainly because MuleSoft didn’t fit cleanly into Salesforce’s customer relationship management business. Salesforce’s stock sank about 5% in the immediate aftermath of the deal. But, since the merger, Mulesoft has made $181 in total revenue which came in far ahead of their projections.

14. Tibco
Base Salary: $91,718
Commission: $123,749
Total Pay: $215,467

TIBCO Software, a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, recently announced that they ranked come in first place among in five of six use cases in the Gartner 2019 Critical Capabilities for Master Data Management Solutions report. These use cases include B2B Customer Data, Buy-Side Product Data, Sell-Side Product Data, Multidomain master data management, and Multivector master data management. Evaluated for this report, the TIBCO EBX solution is a product from Orchestra Networks, recently acquired by TIBCO, which is noted therein.



15. Lever
Base Salary: $101,821
Commission: $40,313
Total Pay: $142,134

Lever, the company transforming the way organizations hire, has made three key executive hires, rounding out its management team and further positioning the company for growth. Used by over 2,000 companies and across every industry, Lever is bringing on seasoned executives to help scale operations to meet the increased demand of an exploding Talent Acquisition market, which Bersin by Deloitte expects to be over $200B.


16. Apttus
Base Salary: $93,896
Commission: $100,000
Total Pay: $193,896

Apttus, a quote-to-cash vendor built on top of the Salesforce platform that looked to be heading toward an IPO in recent years has taken a different tack, instead of being acquired by private equity firm Thoma Bravo today.

The company did not reveal the purchase price but said it could be ready to share more details about the arrangement after the deal closes, probably next month. “What we can say is that Apttus views this development positively and believes Thoma Bravo can instill greater operational excellence, strengthen our market leadership and allow us to continue providing indispensable value to our customers,” a company spokesperson told TechCrunch.



17. Sumo Logic
Base Salary: $75,000
Commission: $110,000
Total Pay: $185,000

Sumo Logic has the dominant cloud-native machine data analytics platform. Sumo offers continuous intelligence and today displayed massive growth within EMEA region occupied by customers using its platform and an expanding partner ecosystem delivering the machine data analytics insights needed to build, run and secure modern applications and infrastructures. James Campanini has been scaling this growth as a general manager. Vice President of technical services Mark Pidgeon is leading a new team to be headquartered in Holborn, London.

18. Zen Desk
Base Salary: $62,612
Commission: $50,200
Total Pay: $112,812

Few investor favorites have held on to their mantle as long as Zendesk (ZEN), the cloud-based provider of customer support software. The company’s stock rose double digits after reporting one of its best fourth-quarter results ever, with revenue growth accelerating from the prior quarter and lending support to a bullish outlook for FY19. Zendesk’s post-earnings rally has lifted the stock to new all-time highs near $80:

19. Copper
Base Salary: $60,000
Commission: $40,000
Total Pay: $100,000

Copper, the Google-recommended CRM for the digital workplace, is moving to the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) to focus their service on global customers.  The modernization of its GCP infrastructure, Copper affirming it’s commitment to scaling their AI technology in CRM tools. This allows their employees to work better and more effectively.

Copper delivers a new kind of CRM that is focused on building relationships rather than simply managing them. By leveraging AI and its deep Google partnerships, Copper is able to deliver an innovative and easy-to-use CRM tool. Copper CRM operates natively within G Suite so that users never have to leave Gmail or interrupt their everyday workflow, thereby eliminating the tedious, time-consuming data entry that causes sales and marketing teams to abandon CRM deployments. Copper has been a CRM partner with Google since the early days of its Chrome extension in 2014. This move to GCP will provide better end-to-end coverage and performance for Copper’s worldwide user base.



20. Talk Desk
Base Salary: $65,000
Commission: $30,000
Total Pay: $95,000


One of the biggest companies in cloud contact for innovative enterprises, Talkdesk, announced it’s Winter 19 software recently. The leas will allow the company to capitalize on its foothold in the customer experience innovation market.

“Consumers expect a personalized, proactive experience, and they expect it in the channel they are most comfortable using,” said Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk. “CX optimization requires more than just a focus on the customer. It requires innovation at every level; from customers to agents to supervisors and IT teams. Most importantly, it requires a solution provider and a platform that can keep pace with the changing expectations of today’s digitally empowered consumers.”