Ways to Track and Present your Personal Sales Brag Book

Nutshell.com defines Brag Book as “a collection of testimonials, case studies, or pictures collected from satisfied customers. A sales rep can present their brag book to prospects to illustrate their prior successes and how they’ve exceeded their clients’ expectations.”

As someone in a sales position at a tech company, you know what your sales manager loves to see out of your key metrics. Those same metrics can be used when applying to future sales positions, and that’s why a brag book is an asset to your continued success.

Your brag book should contain any records, key metrics, or verifiable numbers that speak to your skills. Include items like:

  • Three years worth of sales figures, ranking reports, and awards
  • Any standout accomplishments like “#1 sales rep” in the company
  • Email examples that speak to your talent of communicating with active and prospect clients
  • Three years worth of W-2’s and YTD earnings to back up any sales claims you make

The key metrics can be broken into two categories: Quantity and Quality.

Quantity driven metrics include:

  • Accounts called
  • Leads sources
  • Emails
  • Calls
  • Connects
  • Demos
  • Opportunities

Quality driven metrics include:

  • Contacts sourced per account
  • Calls per lead
  • Unique leads called
  • Connect Rate
  • Demo to opportunity Conversion
  • Calls per opportunity
  • Connects per opportunity

The question is, how do you track those, where do you store them, and how do you present them to future hiring managers to ensure you get the job that you deserve.

We have found some tools that can help you track, store, and share your metrics in an accurate and somewhat variable way with future hiring managers as you advance your career.

Call Activity Scorecard

This call activity scorecard helps you set goals and track the number of calls you make each quarter and how many conversions, opportunities created, and wins were the result of those calls.

Weekly Email Tracker

This easy weekly email tracker helps you track the number of emails set, unique people emailed, how many new prospects are being contacted, number of deals closed due to emails, etc.

Sales Activity Worksheet

This sales activity worksheet assists in tracking metrics like the amount of hours worked per week, your weekly/monthly/quarterly goals, leads generated, the size of details, and contracts signed.


Rekener is a sales rep scorecard software provider that helps you track leads, quotas, opportunity stages, and KPI trends.


Recording your metrics is an important habit to get into that will pay off when it’s time to look for new sales opportunities. When you sign up for an account on a job site like Rainmakers.co, your numbers and sales figures are displayed on your profile for companies that are looking to hire proven salespeople.