Rainmakers presents- Women in Tech Sales

Rainmakers is excited to be hosting the upcoming Women in Tech Sales event in San Francisco.

We are proud to take part in the ongoing discussion around diversity and inclusion, with an emphasis on women in tech sales.

Unbiased Hiring and Inclusion in Tech Sales

Unbiased hiring helps to retain employees, strengthen team dynamics, and improve productivity and innovation.  Talent acquisition and HR teams lead the front lines in bridging the gap of gender diversity, especially in the tech sector.  Yet we can do more, which is why our event will help continue the conversation around improving culture and the hiring process for gender diversity.

As more companies focus on bridging the gap, diversity hiring becomes more challenging.  Recruiters and talent acquisition leaders everywhere are being asked to improve workplace diversity, yet it is becoming harder and harder to move the needle. Challenges can stem from pipeline issues to unconscious bias, onboarding and more.

Here at Rainmakers, we continue to work with tech companies of all sizes to help with their gender diversity hiring efforts, and create a culture that helps to attract diverse talent.  We invited some of the top sales and hiring leaders in the space to discuss the subject, as well as address other topics around gender diversity.

Rainmakers Series on Diversity and Inclusion

In addition, we will be launching a multi-part series on these topics leading up to our live event.  Whether you are in recruiting, HR, or any role we encourage you to follow our blog, and attend our event to participate in a live discussion around promoting gender diversity in the sales hiring process.

Women in Tech Sales- Event Details

When: December 4th, 2018 at 6:00PM


Carla Sparolini
VP of Commercial Sales @ Salesforce

Jeanne Dewitt
Head of Sales, US & Canada @ Stripe

Aliisa Rosenthal
VP Sales @ Walkme

Rebecca Olson
VP Strategic Accounts @ Gainsight


Brooke Garnder
RVP of ISV Sales @ Salesforce


225 Bush Street

#2nd Floor

San Francisco, CA



Rainmaker Contributors- Emma Schumacher and Mike Fossi