Landing Your Next Great Sales Tech Job

The right time to start looking for any position is now. The hiring process is itself an opportunity to learn. At first glance, you may take this advice to be wrong or too hasty. Perhaps you have in mind a specific place you want to work like Apple or Uber. If you apply to them right away you may not have the necessary qualifications and therefore miss an opportunity to work there.

This way of thinking is flawed in a few ways. There is no way you are going to walk in the door at Apple and get a job if you are just starting the tech sales process now. You will need to spend some time in the industry before the big companies will even consider you.

The best advice we can give here is to focus on mastering your craft, no matter the size of the company. In fact, starting your career at a small company with an unknown brand can be a great opportunity. You will have an opportunity to show how right you are for the next big position by taking this small company making them successful. How exactly to make this happen for your employer will be detailed in this program.

Perhaps, however, you’re already experienced in your field and are looking to make an improvement. In this case, you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch, but the lesson is still the same. Wherever you make it rain. When you can show a potential employer that you can make them money, every door will be open to you.

The key here is what is the best position for you. Everybody has their own particular set of skills. The worst thing you can do is take a new position that does not play to your strengths. So we already know you have to hustle, be motivated, and know how to produce results in order to get the best job possible. Now let’s look at how to nail down that position that you know you can thrive in.


Nobody is going to hand you the ideal job. No matter how long you meditate and visualize the job you want, nothing will happen until you go out and make it happen. Part of that process is being aware of what’s going on in the industry. Make a list of companies you are interested in and learn as much about them as you can.

Learn about their culture and work life. See if you can determine the quality of the company before you even make an effort to apply. Find the networking events they attend, connect with them on LinkedIn or their social channels. Do everything you can to make connections and source information. Not only will this inquisitive mindset help you in getting the right job for you, but it will also help develop your skills when you’re actually working in sales.

Hopefully, you are already working in some kind of paid position. This is the best time to start looking for new opportunities. If you are under the gun and stressed about money, employers will sniff it out immediately. Don’t wait till the last minute, start your search today.

Sales Landscape

As you are looking at the micro level of the job hunt, you must also have a macro understanding of the process. You may already have some information on the general state of tech sales if you are already in the industry. Those on the outside must take time to understand how the industry as a whole handles the hiring process.

According to LinkedIn, sales is the single most important component of a strong candidate. There are so many ways people can distract their employers from the fact that they may not be good at sales. They can decorate their resumes, lean heavily on their college degree, or even point to their numerous extracurricular activities. Always remember this, nothing compares to the ability to makes sales.

We will talk a lot about the macro level of hiring in this industry and as you read you will be achieving the goal of educating yourself on the topic. But this does not mean you can rely on this program alone. Seek out friends in the industry and start networking with companies even though you know you don’t want to work for them. Any connection is a good connection in sales and individual growth.

The Interview Process

Learning more about sales will make you see the world a bit differently. You will begin to see more and more things as a sales process. There’s something you want, but you can’t have. Therefore you develop a way to communicate what you want, a way to offer equal or greater value, and finally closing the deal.

The interview process is no different. Your potential employer is looking for something and is willing to offer something of value in return. After you decide that you are willing to accept what they will offer, then it’s your turn to prove to them you can return the exchange with something equal or greater. This is much easier said than done.

The best way to start with your best foot forward is to make sure all written communication is perfect. There is no excuse for typos here because you have plenty of time to read through your writing multiple times. Be clear and concise, do your best to judge the situation to see if slight humor or a complete dry interaction is necessary.

Research everyone you make contact with during the hiring process. The more you know the people you’re interacting with the better you will feel when you come face to face with them. If you know who they are before they know you, you will display a sharp intellect and a real desire to be a part of the team.

Like every sale, you need to be committed to the close. Whatever they throw at you be ready to meet their needs and move on to the next step. Do not procrastinate on replying to emails or sending the necessary documents. This will be an immediate red flag for them and they will quickly pass you up for someone more diligent.