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Top Apps for SaaS Salespeople That Promote Productivity and Wellness

The coronavirus has ushered in a lot of change over the last year. Despite initial economic fears of a global shutdown, those in the sales tech industry actually saw a lot of opportunity open up in front of them as companies were scrambling to set up remote workforces.  Suddenly, those who were initially hesitant began seeing the value crystal clear as circumstances changed and industries pivoted to meet new consumer and business needs.

This surge in opportunities for SaaS sales might leave employees feeling stuck in overdrive, as if they should continue to strike while the iron’s hot. Couple this with all the transformations in the work environment and our daily lives and it can shake even your best workers. Finding ways to avoid burnout should be a top priority among workplaces today as it is not only crucial for your own individual health, but for the health of the company as well.

In most instances, you know there’s some kind of solution you could implement to help improve your day or a particular pain point. Cutting through the clutter to find what you truly need can be just as daunting a problem in itself, so you end up just tackling it all head on. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a list of apps that can help improve both your overall wellness and productivity so  you can remain a sharp salesperson.


Not only does the pandemic put people at risk for catching the virus itself, but at this point, it’s been an emotionally taxing issue for more than a year. Many people who did not sign up for remote work are coming up on a full year of isolation from their coworkers. Some people have already made the transition back to the office, or it is coming up soon, as the vaccine continues to be administered.

All this to say, finding ways to take care of yourself has become even more essential. You never know what curveball is going to come next and the stress can really take a toll on your body, which will have an impact on your productivity.


Staying nourished and meeting your daily vitamin needs has never been so important. One of the detriments of a busy lifestyle can be a lack of time to devote to your nutrition and the wear it takes on the body over time. Pre-COVID, you might have been used to meeting up with clients or prospects during lunch, but over the last year this might have changed quite a bit.

Downloading an app like goPuff may just help you keep your edge. Not only does it come in handy when you need a midday pick-me-up, but it is a hassle-free way to get the energy and nutrients you need to make a lasting impression on a prospective client. Plus, this delivery service offers contact-free options.

It’s also helpful on those days when it feels like you’re coming down with something, but need to power through back to back meetings. When this happens, you can get over-the-counter medicine delivered so you don’t have to miss a beat. For other creative, time-saving hacks, browse through what other customers had to say in their goPuff reviews about the delivery app.

Balance the busiest of schedules, without completely sacrificing your personal needs.


With so many people new to remote work over the last year, the internet has been abuzz with jokes regarding poor posture due to inadequate furniture to work from. But let’s face it, even a few hours in the best ergonomically designed chair still warrants some break time.

Especially for SaaS sales, you may have small windows during the day in between meetings with your manager or client calls. Getting up and taking a break to get the blood flow going again might just be the refresher your day is missing.

With FitOn, you can choose from a number of different stretching exercises that vary in time and intensity. This is perfect for choosing the best option that fits within your individual schedule and physical needs. Then at the end of the workday, you might want to consider perusing all of the other exercises they have available, from workouts designed to incorporate children to exercise plans that can be done right at home.


Whether the pressure is on at work, or you’re feeling anxious from any number of things going on in the world today, one great way to stop and refresh yourself is to meditate. Meditation can be particularly helpful, especially now with resources available like Headspace.

Choose from their large selection of guided meditations tailored to your specific needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re new, or have been practicing this exercise for years. Their clips each have someone calmly guiding you through the process step by step.

We’ve all been there, in the middle of a frustrating quarter, and you’re finding it hard to focus or feeling irritated because leads aren’t converting. With guides surrounding focus, anger, creativity and many more, you can have a quick session to work through these moments to renew yourself and pivot your momentum. If you’re unsure if meditation is for you, consider checking out what other users had to say about their experiences using Headspace.


Another impactful part of our health that can interfere with performance is our mental health. Reports of anxiety and depression are reaching new highs, so if you share these concerns know you are not alone. Your mental health shouldn’t just be a priority because it is affecting how productive you are in a day, but because it is our system of coping mechanisms for taking in not only our job but everything else going on around us everyday.

With that being said, you may not have even been aware you were struggling until it started seeping into your workday. Whether or not it gets that bad, its best to try to connect with a professional. For a SaaS salesperson, you might typically find it difficult to add in a commute or a non-work appointment with a counselor to address these concerns of yours. Luckily, with an app like Talkspace, you can have 24/7 access when you need it, and eliminate an extraneous commute altogether.

Talkspace is covered for many by their insurance provider or as part of their company’s employee assistance programs (EAP). Check out your own eligibility to get started on your mental health journey.


Once your mind and body are well cared for you can get into the nitty gritty of your individual workflow. As a SaaS sales professional, you’ll need to be keeping tabs on the burgeoning tech trends and also be able to converse with business professionals speaking to some of their more general business interests. Here’s our roundup to fine-tune your productivity.


Spend a day in the life of a SaaS salesperson, and you’re sure to want something to help keep your thoughts organized. Each meeting has a different string of thoughts. Being prepared for a meeting with your manager is quite different than a meeting with a prospective client, not to mention how different your clients might be from one another.

With an app like Evernote you can sync your project and meeting notes across your devices. You also have the capability to add in photos or pertinent documents. Or maybe you want to record the meeting so you are actively engaged in the conversation without the distraction of note-taking. You can add the audio file right to your meeting notes and go back through later to jot down any highlights you may want to circle back to.

There are various note templates available to get you started that can keep even the most scattered of note takers end up with an organized record for each meeting, project, or client.


Working in tech sales means keeping tabs on the industry as a whole. When a prospect asks how your product will fit into their established workflow, you’ll need to be able to speak to how it will improve, supplement, integrate or replace any number of their existing systems.

Staying informed is essential to your on-going success. Every tidbit you pick up is preparation for getting that lead all the way through your sales funnel. While we certainly don’t live in a time with a shortage of information or information sharing, this usually just makes finding the most pertinent resources difficult.

With an app like Flipboard you can cut through irrelevant news to create your very own curated feed of tech and software updates and insights. Not only can you get this customized news, but you can browse through flipboards when brushing up on other industries. Looking for talking points for a prospective sale? Check Flipboard to see if anything of relevance is up and coming in their field and connect it back to your software’s capabilities.


Taking a step back from the tech and software specifics, another great tool at a salesperson’s disposal is being able to touch on the value of the product to their more general business interests. It’s also likely that as a salesperson, you’ll come across young businesses, start-ups, or companies that started out as such. Being familiar with venture capital could really step up your pitch.

With SmartUp, you can dive into the knowledge sharing space and either build upon your business wits or start totally from scratch. This app gives you access to learning communities of your choice where you can share what you learn, ask questions, and make yourself a stronger overall salesperson.

Final Words

As any good sales professional knows, having the ability to be  flexible and make the most of opportunities is absolutely essential to your day to day and long term success. However, investing in yourself is also crucial to that success. Being your most productive and valuable self comes from a place of balance and setting aside time to make your health a priority and leaving time for personal development.

3 Types of Tools that Help Improve Sales

Even though it appears that COVID-19 is slowing down, it does not change the fact that the virus has changed the world around it. Nobody saw a crisis of this magnitude happening, but it has opened our eyes to expose some of the flaws in the current ways we do things.

The economy will likely be dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 for years to come. The way in which business is conducted has changed right before our eyes, but is that a bad thing? While change is scary, it usually is necessary to grow. As businesses reopen, change must be made to accommodate the new world we live in. 

One of the main ways that businesses will be different in the post-COVID-19 world is that there will be an even larger emphasis on using technology in day-to-day operations. There are hundreds of business tech tools available, but not every tool will be helpful for every job. Knowing which tool to use and when can be tricky! Luckily for you, we put together this quick overview of some of the most popular tools to use in the sales space.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a must-own tool if you want to take your sales team to the next level. CRM helps manage all of your company’s interactions with any customer, or even potential customers. 

CRM tools allow you to document everything about a customer. From the first point of contact with a customer to when they leave, it will all be documented on a platform. The value of this information is immeasurable. After this data is collected, you can better understand a customer’s wants and needs.

Your sales team will benefit the most from CRM because of these key features;

  1. Document each and every interaction with a customer
  2. Allows teams to track leads improving conversion rates
  3. Email integration as well as email tracking
  4. Sales forecasting based on data analytics
  5. Completely remote platform with internal and external messaging capabilities 

A CRM program gives you a complete overview of all of your company-client interactions in one convenient location. The real value comes with what your company decides to do with this information. Say you realize that a large number of customers leave after two years, could there be a reason? Or is it just a coincidence? CRM software will help you answer these questions. 

If your company is not using a CRM tool already, we recommend Salesforce. Salesforce is an industry leader among CRM providers. Their platform is extremely powerful, yet simple and easily customizable to fit any sales team’s needs.  

An industry-leading platform will come with a hefty price-tag, however. Salesforce’s pricing scheme is dictated by how many features you want and by how many users will be on the platform. A company will need to pay per person using the platform, and prices can range from $25 each user a month to $300 each user a month. 

If you are interested in trying a CRM tool, but you are not sure if it is worth paying loads of money for, there are alternatives available.

Hubspot offers a free to use CRM tool. This tool is great for very small sales teams, or for sales teams who are on the fence about paying for a CRM tool at all. The free version of Hubspot’s tool is rather basic but will provide a good overview of using a CRM platform. As you use the platform, you can add on features, but for a cost. Depending on how many features you add, Hubspot can be just as powerful as Salesforce, but just as expensive, too.

Whatever choice you make, expensive, cost-effective, or somewhere in between, CRM software is a must for your sales team.

Prospecting Tools

While Salesforce and Hubspot are great at tracking leads, they are not used to discovering leads. Finding relevant leads can be the most time consuming and tedious process of a sales professional. There are tools today to help cut down on the time wasted qualifying leads, resulting in a more robust sales funnel.

Finding leads has never been easier with the advancement of technology. Almost any person’s title, email address, home address, and phone number can be found online. Most companies do their best to keep their employees’ information private; this is where prospecting tools are helpful.

Tools such as Zoominfo can optimize your team’s sales process by alleviating the time spent at building up the top of the sales funnel. Zoominfo will allow you to discover different B2B prospects based on a set of criteria. Sales teams can find companies based on their location, revenue, NAICS or SICS codes, employee count, and more. Once a list of companies is established, Zoominfo can pull specific employee contact information from each company.

If there are any issues people have with Zoominfo, it is that their pricing model is rather vague and non-transparent. Each company pays for a number of credits. One credit equates to one contact discovered. The thing is, each company is given a different price for a bulk amount of credits, so knowing an exact price is tough. It is agreed that one Zoominfo credit equals about $1.12. Depending on how many leads you need a month, Zoominfo can become quite costly.

There are alternatives to Zoominfo in the prospecting space, but Zoominfo is generally seen as the industry standard. If your company is looking for a cost-effective alternative to Zoominfo, we recommend

Hunter is a less-extensive version of Zoominfo that can be used for free. Just like Zoom, users can find a person’s contact information using Hunter, but the tool is less reliable. Hunter is a great introduction to prospecting tools as each user gets fifty free credits to use each month. Similar to Hubspot’s CRM tool, Hunter can be upgraded to be more efficient, but at a cost.

Building your sales funnel has never been easier than now with the invention of prospecting tools. 

Presentation Software

As remote work becomes more of a regularity in the workforce, sales pitches will need to evolve. In-person, PowerPoint, or Google Slides still suffice, but if you are going to be sending sales decks to prospects online, a more sophisticated software offering is recommended.

Most people probably do not even realize that there are other presentation software options available to them. For years, people have just used PowerPoint and thought nothing of it. Today, there are other platforms that offer more features than the software that comes already installed on your computer.

Online presentation software, such as Digideck, are capable of creating beautiful presentations that deliver meaningful immersive experiences. Digideck allows users to create presentations that are media-heavy and just stand-out amongst the crowd.

Besides being great to look at, Digideck presentations come loaded with back-end features that are useful for the presenter. Once the deck has been presented, or once it is sent, Digideck will track how the prospect digests the information. If the viewer spends more time on one slide over another, or if they keep reopening the deck, the presenter will be able to see. This data can be helpful when pitching a similar presentation, or when trying to close a deal.

Digideck will be the product with the steepest learning curve. To truly harness the power of online presentation software, the user must be well versed in technology as a whole, but more specifically; graphic design, video production, have a basic understanding of UX/UI and be a great public speaker.

If you are more interested in seeing what Digideck can do for your sales team, request a demo today.

Final Words

Just keep in mind that these tools are costly and that your business may not have the money available to purchase each tool you want right now. If there is a tool that you need, but cannot afford today, an online-based business loan may be worth exploring. An online loan can be used the same way as a regular business loan, but applicants typically receive their money much faster than a traditional loan.

Remember, the software offerings and tech tools do not stop there! There are so many more tools and resources available to take your sales team to the next level. Always keep improving your business and you will be able to handle anything thrown your way.

If you want to learn more about any of the resources mentioned in this article, or if you want to continue to explore other resources available, check out the company lookup tool over at

Why Every Salesperson Should Blog and How to Start from Scratch

Maybe you’re unaware of this fact, but working as a salesperson ranks among the most common professions in the world. 

More than 21 million people worldwide qualify to be known as a “salesperson,” according to a report by the professional networking website, LinkedIn. Understandably, the designations may vary according to the company and your location.

Across these 21 million people, half are women and a small percentage are also underage or minors, depending on labor laws of the country.

What This Means?

The sheer number of salespeople around the world clearly points to one thing: that almost every business on this planet requires people to promote and sell their products or services. As more companies emerge across the globe, especially startups with innovative products and services, the number of salespeople will rise exponentially – to about 25 million – by 2025, say industry experts.

This means hiring a salesperson is extremely vital to every business that’s serious about staying in business. And thanks to the internet, salespeople are no longer required to physically call upon potential and existing customers. Instead, they can work online by sending emails nurturing business and chat online with potential leads, all while and performing other functions at the same time.

Therefore, making an online presence is becoming increasingly important for every salesperson.  If you’re a salesperson that’s serious about your career, it is high time you also craft an excellent online presence that aligns with your personal and professional goals.

One of the best ways to create an online presence as a salesperson is by starting your own blog, and here are some of the undeniable reasons why:

Why Should Every Salesperson Have A Blog?

Some may consider sales a profession that doesn’t require or merit blogging, so you may be wondering why I’m suggesting it.

In fact, blogging is essential for every salesperson, whether they are working for a neighborhood brick-and-mortar or selling online for a large multinational company with global presence. 

Here’s why:

Blogging Makes You Popular

As a salesperson, you’ll be familiar with this scenario: some people will buy from you regardless of anything. And some people just won’t convert as customers despite your best efforts and excellent service. This is part of human psychology; nobody can predict why a person trusts someone while distrusting the other, though both are perfectly honest.

However, it’s common knowledge that people will always approach a popular person when they wish to buy something. This flock-mentality, as we call it, leads people to believe that a person is popular due to their honesty, integrity and skills.

Blogging helps you to develop this trust factor among customers and potential leads. They’re curious about what you’re offering and would like to try working with you. 

Honesty Breeds Loyalty

Understandably, not everything that your employer sells in the market will match customer expectations.

Blogging provides you excellent opportunities to write honest reviews about products or services you’re selling, and with some good writing skills, you can present pros and cons of whatever you’re selling in a very positive light that doesn’t harm your employer or customer.

When you’re honest about what you’re selling as salesperson through a blog, it’s natural that customers and potential leads will be drawn to you. They’ll be interested in knowing more about a product or service, as well as about you as an individual. Because your honest blogposts and reviews are a clear indicator that you’re there to serve the customer’s interest too it makes it easy for them to pinpoint you as a potential resource.

Interaction with Customers & Leads

Frequent, healthy interactions with existing customers and potential leads is the secret behind the success of every salesperson. Blogging increases the reach of potential leads you can work with more than just cold calling and emailing alone. People interested in your products will ask questions before they buy. When you respond to their queries honestly and resolve every doubt, there’re excellent chances of converting these lead as customers.

You can also make discreet special offers to convert a lead into a client. And that works wonders for your career. That’s exactly what happens when you blog as salesperson. Customers can post questions and comments about the product or service you’re promoting. Responding to concerns immediately by taking proper measures instead of allowing an issue to magnify will make your life easier as a salesperson and you will be thankful.

Starting Blog from Scratch as Salesperson

If you recognize how these three advantages can help your career as a saleperson, you might now be wondering where to start if you need to make one from scratch.

Here are some basic tips on how to get started:

Read or Watch an Excellent Tutorial

I’ll start by assuring you that starting a blog from a scratch isn’t difficult. Obviously, you’ll have to exert some extra efforts. There’re several outstanding tutorials online about how to start blogging. Read a good article written by any successful blogger.  Most successful bloggers also have their own YouTube channels. Subscribe to this channel to learn a lot about creating blogs that cater to large audiences.

YouTube Videos on Blogging

Usually, every successful blogger shares their knowledge with people like us through their own YouTube channels. Look for these video tutorials from any excellent, celebrity blogger from any country. Subscribe to their YouTube channel to get updates on what’s going on in the world of blogging and keep an eye out for trends in content or styling that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Learn Basic Digital Marketing

Digital marketing consists of various processes that enable you to reach a broader audience that’s looking for something specific such as your product or service. Nowadays, excellent digital marketing courses are very affordable and available online. As salesperson, understanding digital marketing will help you be successful in marketing yourself as well as the business you are representing.

Invest In a Paid Website

You can open a free blog or invest a little money on a paid website. Nowadays, you can get a domain name and hosting for as low as $99 per year using websites like Squarespace or Wix, which is fairly affordable for every salesperson to start a blog from scratch. We recommend you opt for a WordPress website since updating it frequently and performing digital marketing processes are much easier on this hosting platform. There are also free options like Medium.

Use Social Media

No salesperson can afford to ignore the importance and relevance of social media. Maybe your employer already has an excellent social media page on Facebook, a Twitter account and some presence on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms, but you can and should too. Promoting your personal blog by leveraging social media to get more followers that eventually translate into leads and sales is probably one of the easiest methods of reaching a largest audience.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to start a blog from scratch, we suggest you get started right now. Blogging also gives you the potential to make money through online resources such as Google AdSense, sponsored posting and affiliate marketing. Add to the success you aim to achieve as a salesperson by taking advantage of the many benefits of starting a blog. Good luck!

If you’re a salesperson looking to jump start your career or make the next big move, Rainmakers can help connect you with companies seeking a skilled sales rep just like you. To join our career market place, visit

How ‘Girls In Tech’ Empowers More Women To Enter the Tech World

This week Rainmakers sat down for a conversation with Hannah and Isabella from Girls In Tech, a global non-profit founded in 2007 that works to put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries and startups while empowering women in tech and entrepreneurship.

Girls in Tech is our partner for the upcoming “Perfecting the Tech Sales Interview” event on January 23rd in San Francisco, CA.

We wanted to find out how exactly Girls In Tech can benefit women who are interested in sales jobs in the tech industry, and how we can help their mission.

Hannah, who is a Partnerships Manager for Girls In Tech, explains how often there is a large discrepancy between the number of men and women on a sales force and how that can affect the perception of what is seen as the right “sales person type.” Girls In Tech provides a place for women to develop their sales skills and practice within the realm of their sessions to ultimately become more competitive in the sales workforce. Isabella also stated the importance of networking and community within the 10,000 members of Girls In Tech, with each part of the organization there to support the dreams and ambitions of women in tech sales.

In addition to offering a wide range of services like boot camps, voting courses, hackathons, and professional development workshops, Girls in Tech also organizes events like the upcoming “Perfecting the Tech Sales Interview” event on January 23rd in San Francisco, CA.

More info on the event is below. If you’re interested in attending, you can REGISTER HERE.

Event Agenda:

6:00 pm – 6:30pm: Arrivals/Networking
6:30pm – 8:00pm: Speed Interviewing and Resume Editing
8:00 – 9:00: Happy Hour and Networking

Companies In Attendance:

Verkada makes enterprise physical security systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) era.
Crunchbase is the leading destination for company insights from early-stage startups to the Fortune 1000.
VoiceOps uncovers critical coaching opportunities in your calls. Optimized for high-volume sales teams.
Rippling makes it unbelievably easy to manage your team’s payroll, benefits, computers, and apps — all in one, modern platform.

Our full conversation with Girls In Tech is below if you’re interested in hearing more about ways they empower more women to join the tech world and how you can get involved:

For women who are interested in making a move into the world of tech sales and are looking for help landing their dream job, check out Girls In Tech and consider attending or volunteering at their upcoming event on January 23rd.

For more information on Rainmakers visit