Branding Tips for the Modern Salesperson

Building Your Brand

How do you keep up and stand out in an ever-changing job like sales? Whether you’re an industry veteran or a rookie fresh out of college, it’s essential to create a personal brand that will position you as a cut above the rest in the modern-day salesforce. From professionalism and personality to style and voice, there’s much to consider when properly branding yourself. The good news is that we are covering it with these tips below!

Personal Branding Tips For Salespeople

Professionalism is a must for any reputable and successful salesperson, especially if you’re transitioning from the role of a college student to a young professional. To send the message that you take your career seriously and with pride, it’s equally as important to look at the part as it is to act the part. Looking professional on the outside will help you feel confident and ready to take on anything sales may throw at you. how to build your brand Start by revamping your wardrobe and style. If you’re a young professional, there’s no better time to get new, career-savvy clothes that fit the persona you want your brand to convey. A guaranteed way to look more professional is to own well-fitted clothing. Baggy or long clothing can appear sloppy and careless, so buy suits, dresses, or blazers that provide the perfect fit. Next, invest in custom tailor pieces that elevate your look beyond ready-to-wear clothes. This way, you can choose styles and colors that show off your personality while still looking professional. Nowadays, you don’t have to leave your house to get tailored. Places like iTailor make the process easy and stress-free right from your computer. Then, be sure that your hairstyle matches your look for your new career. Your hair should always be brushed, tangle-free, and neatly styled. If you have long hair, consider pulling it back and out of your face for a clean look. For men specifically, it’s best to keep a clean-shaven face or a well-groomed beard ahead of an interview or your first day on the job. To achieve this look, always use a new razor blade and high-quality products to avoid any noticeable irritation or cuts that can cause a distraction from the rest of your professional look. Speaking of online ease, all of your necessities can be found in one place at Harry’s. You can order as often as you please or sign up for a subscription that guarantees delivery at a predetermined timeline that works for you. Remember, it’s good practice to dress for the job you want. Once settled into your job, you may need to adjust your look slightly to fit with your fellow salespeople and company dress code standards. However, you can take it a step further by looking at those you admire at work and mimicking their dress, like adding a nice watch or wearing a tie every day. Contrarily, you may be able to alter your style with a more personalized touch, like showing off your tattoos or having a longer beard, once you know what looks are appropriate at your company. When you look good on the outside, you’re bound to feel good on the inside, and to be successful in sales; it’s crucial to be friendly and outgoing, which is easier when you feel confident. sales recruiting agency

Authentically Living Your Company’s Brand

When you start your position as a salesperson, it’s vital to consider your company’s brand. You’ve mastered revamping your brand but embracing the brand you’re working for is just as important in selling. When engaging with others via email or over the phone, be sure to match your company’s tone, voice, and style while adding your personal flair. To help you do this, first, familiarize yourself with your company’s brand by heading to its blog and following its social media accounts. There is valuable information on exactly what your company does and how they do it right at your fingertips! Plus, the coworkers creating content on the blog know all about the proper voice for selling your company to the outside world, so it will be easy to mimic that when you see it in front of you. Finally, the more you know about your company, the better you will be at selling it to others because you can build more trust by learning the ins and outs of what your company does every day. To continue working on living your company’s brand, make an effort to improve communication between sales and the rest of your company. This can help with knowledge transfer and brand awareness and encourages cross-departmental training. You can do this by setting up casual meetings, attending employee events, or even getting lunch with someone outside your team. You can display this knowledge internally and externally to show that you genuinely care about whom you work for; you should take pride in showing off your employer’s brand just as much as your own! Remember, it’s never too late to start doing this. Even if you have worked with a company for years, growth and change are always happening, so don’t be afraid to branch out at work, get to know others, and expand what you think you know about your employer.

How To Keep Your Brand Up-To-Date

If you want to be the best salesperson you can be, then it’s about being flexible with the constant change of the salesforce. Don’t be afraid to rebrand yourself if needed with the tips above, especially if your company is also going through a rebrand. But no matter the circumstances, there are also some ever-green tips to keep in mind when it comes to being a great salesperson. Many modern-day sales are made online and over the phone, so being personable, human, and sincere via the tech tools you may be required to use on the job isn’t an easy task, so showing off these skills is critical in a sales position. Plus, being friendly and personable will never go out of style! Keeping an ongoing dialogue and friendship with your customers will only help keep the relationship strong and help retain them as clients. Let your client know they are heard by actively listening to them and answering their questions to the best of your ability; don’t ever write a client off or act too robotic. In turn, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Dig deeper into their needs from you and your company because the more you nurture your relationships with clients, the easier it is to set yourself up for an up-sell or use current customers to attract new ones. Referrals to new clients become natural and effortless when you have a relationship of good stature with your customers. No matter the changes that your company or team is going through, keeping your brand, personality, and knowledge at the forefront of your work can help you succeed as a salesperson. building your own brand As time goes on, the most challenging thing about sales can be keeping your personal brand up-to-date. This can be anything from your style and language to utilizing your company to gain knowledge. Using your employer and coworkers to live your company’s brand will always help you sell successfully. From the online blog to sales analytics, the more knowledge you can gain to become an expert in the sales field will only ever help your career. Being in sales, you are the first look into your company from the outside, so being confident in yourself and aware of your company’s brand are two small things that will always help you stand out. Remember, sales is a constantly changing, so it can be difficult to brand yourself to stand out. With these tips on establishing your personal brand and living your company’s brand, you are sure to keep up with the salesforce regardless if you’re a seasoned salesperson or new on the market. To further your knowledge of sales, sign up to be a Rainmaker!