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Embrace the Excitement of Tech Sales in New York City

New York City is one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant cities, and it needs Account Executives (AEs) in its tech sector. As businesses grow and adapt to new technology, AEs are needed by all manner of technology businesses in and around New York City to expand and manage their sales pipeline.

For many professional salespeople, New York City is one of the best places anyone could live. It’s not only a major cultural center, but its diversity and cosmopolitan nature mean exposure to fantastic food, world-famous entertainment, art, music, and much more. So when the day is done, and you’ve chased your leads and closed your sales, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in New York City.

Tech Sales Careers In New York City

In New York City, tech-related jobs have become common in all business sectors—even those not often thought of as “tech.” While 65% of tech-related jobs are in a technology-related field, a significant 35% end up in non-tech industries, such as retail, real estate, entertainment, and the service industry.

Experienced Account Executives looking in New York City can find employment with a wide range of tech-related companies, including fintech, IT, cybersecurity, communications, POS technology, and tech development. The abundance of options open in NYC to AEs can lead to excellent compensation and a wealth of experience, and a pathway to professional advancement and personal growth.

Responsibilities Of an Account Executive

Account Executives who work in tech sales market products and services to both businesses and consumers. In tech, this can include hardware, software, cloud storage, SaaS products, or related services such as cybersecurity or analytics.

An AE’s manager will establish sales quotas, and the compensation will typically include basic pay and commission.

In addition to taking leads from Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and other sales team members, the AE may take on clients themselves, research potential customers, and engage in cold calling. The AE looks for what a client needs, then proposes solutions using his or her company’s products or services. Of course, success means closing the deal—but the AE’s responsibilities don’t stop there.

After a sale has been completed, an effective Account Executive will check in with customer service departments or speak with customers personally to find out if the products are appropriately fulfilling the customer’s needs. If problems develop, the AE should be able to offer assistance. In addition, an Account Executive is expected to cultivate a positive rapport with the clients to retain them for future sales or expansion of services.

What Skills Allow an Account Executive To Succeed In NYC?

Here are the key qualities and skills necessary to have a successful career as an Account Executive:

  • Previous sales experience - Employers often look for candidates with at least five years of sales experience in their own or a related industry. This can be as an SDR or an AE. A successful track record is a plus.

  • Excellent communication abilities - Account Executives must feel comfortable making sales calls, leaving voicemails, writing emails, and giving presentations and pitches in person.

  • Excellent listening skills - Similarly, a successful salesperson should also be able to listen to customers, understand the issues they need to be resolved, and then ask probing questions to guide them toward the most appropriate solution.

  • Can be convincing without being pushy - A good account executive should be able to educate and teach clients about the best solutions to their challenges or problems and direct them toward understanding how your company can supply those solutions. They should make pitches more about the client’s issues than just trying to make a hard sell.

  • Practical negotiating skills - AEs should be familiar with sales psychology and feel confident when negotiating important contract details.

  • Confidence - Because many clients tend to be older and more experienced than beginning Account Executives, an AE needs to feel confident and self-assured when speaking.

  • Resilience - Salespeople frequently encounter the word “no.” Prospective customers can occasionally be impolite or disagreeable in other ways. A successful account executive must shake off rejection and be ready to move on to the next call.

  • Organized - Account Executives are responsible for several duties, such as supporting the sales department, maintaining connections with current clients, and converting new prospects into customers.

  • Self-starting - An account executive needs to be able to follow through on their duties without needing constant prodding from management, whether it’s attending meetings, sending follow-up sales emails, or getting in touch with clients.

  • Sense of curiosity - A successful Account Executives continuously seeks to expand their knowledge. Reading sales literature, keeping up with current market trends, and attending frequent training sessions to hone their skills can help with this.

  • Self-awareness - Having a high emotional intelligence makes it easier to connect with prospects and empathize with their needs. Account Executives must also be conscious of their own personality traits—both positive and negative—to make the most of them.

  • Teachable - Last but not least, an Account Executive needs to take criticism well and learn from mistakes. They should always be trying to find ways to perform better overall.

How Much Can an Account Executive In Tech Sales Earn In New York City?

New York City is one of the best-paying tech sales markets in the country—easily beating out other East Coast and Midwest locations.

The average base salary for an Account Executive working in New York City is around $100,000. Additional compensation from on-target earnings and bonuses could result in another $83,000.

A skilled Account Executive could earn more as they gain more experience and knowledge of the local tech industry.

What Is the Typical Career Path For an Account Executive In Tech Sales In NYC?

Account Executives can choose from several tech sales careers as they gain more experience. However, before doing so, they should explore their options and decide what sort of career interests them most. Opportunities include developing sales strategies, relationship-building, client-facing communication, and management.

Here are some career paths that may become available to you after a few years of working as an AE:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Channel Sales Manager
  • Strategic Accounts Manager
  • Sales Training Manager
  • Sales Operations Manager

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