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“Rainmakers is awesome! They helped me land a role that is absolutely perfect for me.”
Sarah Draxton
“Working with Rainmakers was an easy and seamless experience. I had an offer in hand in a little over a week and am flourishing in my new role.”
Matt Garcia
Account Executive
“If you take your career as a salesperson seriously, Rainmakers is the place to be. I am ecstatic about the company that hired me and I would not have found it without the platform.”
Palmer Johnson

Top Questions

How is Rainmakers different than a traditional sales recruiter and other recruiting options?
  • Rainmakers is a recruiting platform exclusively for top salespeople.
  • We put the salesperson in control by allowing them to showcase their sales achievements.
  • The salesperson sets their hiring requirements, like compensation.
  • Companies bid on the candidates!
How much does it cost?
Rainmakers is completely free for salespeople.
Is it confidential?
Yes. Rainmakers does not share your information with employers until you are ready. We automatically hide your information from current and previous employers and allow you to block other companies.
How do I get a tech sales job?
You can go the traditional route - manually finding employers, tweaking your resume and submitting the application on your own, but we all know that is a hope and pray strategy in 2024. No one ever calls you back. A more realistic approach is to use your network, or get access to someone else’s network.
Is software sales a good career path?
Absolutely. Tech sales careers are extremely lucrative in today’s fast paced world. The demand is extremely high, the pay is great, the career opportunities are endless, and the barrier to entry is pretty low. Software sales is an excellent choice if you want to advance your career and embark on a journey to financial freedom.
What are the different tech sales career paths?
There are many different sales roles and paths to consider. Most salespeople start off as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), but from there you could become an Account Executive (AE), Account Manager, Customer Success Manager (CSM), Enterprise Account Executive, Mid-Market Account Executive, Outside Sales Rep, Sales Manager, Sales Director, Sales Operations Manager, Sales Engineer, and of course, VP of Sales.
How much money can you make in tech sales?
Depending on role and experience, you could make anywhere from $50k per year, to over $500k per year. Check out our blog to learn about all the various sales roles and salaries in tech sales.
Where are companies using sales recruiting agencies?
Businesses are increasingly leveraging the expertise of recruiters across various major cities in the United States, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Raleigh, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, and New York City to identify and attract top talent for their sales teams..
What are the most important skills to have in tech sales?
The most important skills to have to be successful in tech sales are sharp business acumen, emotional intelligence, prospecting, project management, communication, client management, drive, ambition and resilience.