Identifying and Contacting the Best People in Your Job Search

Identifying and Contacting the Best People in Your Job Search

If you’ve been keeping up with our articles you will know that the job hunt is very similar to sales in general. Part of being successful in both fields is knowing where to look for the highest quality leads as possible. Luckily, because of social media, our reach to employers and clients is farther than ever.

There are no more excuses for serious people looking for jobs because of how easy it is to reach out. In this section, we will go over how to identify and reach out to people who are considered valuable connections.

Working your network

The phrase “working your network” can come off as a bit cynical. But think of it like this: working your network means providing value to as many people as possible. Don’t just send someone a message on LinkedIn introducing yourself and asking for a handout.

The first part of this process is identifying the people you want to connect with. This is easy if you already have an idea of what companies you want to work for. Look for the hiring managers, managers in general, and ever regular employees.

Once you identify people you want to reach out to, figure out ways you can provide them value rather than asking for a handout. Maybe you can send over some leads you have, maybe you can offer some free training in a skill you have an expertise in, at the bare minimum you can offer a free lunch or dinner in order to pick their brain.

After you make real connections, show the individuals that you can consistently provide value. If you establish this kind of relationship, eventually they will be begging you to come work for their company. Working your network has now changed from being a sleazy mass spam project and has become a method of making the people in your networks life better.

Internal Recruiters

To be more specific about targeting, the best people to target are the internal recruiters. These people have goals to hit for filling headcount so when you reach out to them you are already providing value.

Go after the hiring manager you would be working for – (for example mid-market sales director, smb sales manager) – these people have sales goals to hit and are missing out on lost revenue by not filling roles.

Either way, reach out with a personalized message that addresses the pain point of each particular position. Again, think of them as clients. They have pain points just like any potential client does. Once you can figure that you, the whole world will open up to you and you can hand pick the people you want to work for.


Taking your sales career seriously starts before you even have a job. Develop your skills in identifying targets, addressing pain points, and providing value. We are here to help coach you through this process if this task still seems daunting. But if you are reading this, you are already ahead of the game.

Job platforms

Taking Advantage of Job Platforms

In our previous article, we went into detail about the benefits of working with a hiring agency.  But if you still don’t want to go the agency route just yet, there are many other options available to you. Many websites how job boards that encourage employees and employers to connect and work together. 

Before you start signing up for every job site out there, apply the lessons we discussed in previous articles. Consider your online profile as a resume. From top to bottom you need to make sure that everything is neat, up to date, and edited accurately.

Most sites have no submission limit. In theory, you could easily spam your resume to as many employers as possible. This would be the exact wrong way to go about the process. Make sure you read, in detail, every post before you respond. Always write a unique cover letter for each application.

Monster / Indeed

Websites like Monster and Indeed have helped a lot of people land jobs. However, the jobs available on these sites are most likely low quality except for junior positions. For those just graduating college, or taking their first steps in a new industry, these resources are great.

For the more ambitious job hunters though, these options may be a bit lackluster. What an agency provides is a position that is finely tailored to your skills and goals. The types of jobs you get from Monster and Indeed will be jobs that require some kind of repetitive and non-creative skills. However, that may be what you need at this point in your career.


LinkedIn is a very powerful resource in the job market. The site provides you with direct access to the people you want to talk to. Let’s say you want to work for Uber. The head of hiring at Uber definitely has a LinkedIn profile. She may be busy but at least Uber grants you that direct connection for you to make an attempt to impress her with your resume.

LinkedIn is best for a targeted approach. The previous lesson is all about how to perfect your presence on this site and we can’t hammer it enough how important that is. Hitting a potential at the right time with the right profile can land you a job you may have thought was out of your league. But this requires a lot of time and effort. And just because a company looks good on the outside, doesn’t mean the culture on the inside is profitable and has room for growth. This is why having an agency may be better suited than the LinkedIn route.


With we provide our employers with a ton of opportunities. Because we are focused on a particular niche, we are able to develop a skillset that caters to potential employers perfectly. We understand how companies in this field grow and what they need. We succeed here because we work closely with our clients so we can understand their needs and skill set.

Remember, just because you may not have a ton of experience does not mean you are not qualified for the job. One of the best things you can offer to an employer is a positive mindset. We are always looking for motivated people who are ready to put in the work to learn sales. 

If you sign on with us, companies will approach you because they know we only deal with serious and motivated clients.  We will be there every step of the way to make that the job you end up accepting is the one that matches you the best. What makes us different is how important it is for us to match the right job for the right client, and that’s exactly what we’ll do for you.


Online job marketplaces liked LinkedIn and Monster are great for beginners. You can find a lot of applications to apply for and will most likely land an entry-level position. Rainmakers is a more personal service that actually helps connect you with employers based on your unique skills and experience. This kind of attention during the application process is non existent in the other more mainstream job marketplaces.

Getting a Recruiting Agency to Work for You

Now that you are past the basics of landing the tech sales job you want, let’s get into some more of the advanced concepts. One major part of the application process that people don’t take advantage of is the vast amount of tools available to you.

Companies make it their job to help you get a job. One of the best things you can do is to utilize the tools and services available to you. For example, specializes in helping aspiring salespeople and experienced salespeople get the jobs they need to further their career.

Is A Recruiting Agency Right For Me?

Sales agencies pride themselves on their ability to land jobs for their clients, but not all agencies are created equal. Your best bet is to seek out agencies that have connections in the industry, are focused on a limited amount of companies, and provide coaching throughout the process.

You may be asking yourself if it’s worth going through the process of finding an agent. Well, consider it like this, an agency is going to get you a job that’s best for you at your stage in your career. An agency that promises you a CEO job at Apple is obviously not telling you the truth.

Nailing the right job, and not necessarily the best job, will maximize your growth and profits. All of this will greatly outweigh whatever cost you incur by hiring an agency to help you along this process.

High Touch

High touch is an industry term used to describe the relationship an agency has with its customers and clients. The term symbolizes honest human interactions over corporate jargon. We are all human beings, no matter what job we have. When an agency can achieve a real relationship with both potential employers and potential employees, the process becomes much more natural. Relationships based on high touch last longer and yield greater results.

You can test out how an agency performs by simply giving them a call. If you have to go through two automated call responses and three customer service reps before you can have a real conversation about your goals, then they are not the agency for you.

The way an agency deals with you is the way they deal with their potential employers. Poor communication, overly complicated processes, and stale results are red flags to anybody looking for an agency to get them hired.

Limited Amount of Companies

An agency will usually ask you what companies you would like to work for. Perhaps your dream jobs and what jobs you think you are capable of handling today. An easy tactic used by sleazy agencies is to immediately promise your biggest goal right up front. But the truth is, an agency cannot have connections to every single company that has a sales department.

A good agency will have solid connections to a limited amount of companies. Usually, those companies will be focused in a particular field. This allows an agency to create deeper connections with companies. Deeper connections lead to more clear understandings of what a company actually needs.

This may sound simple, but consider how important that single fact above is. Let’s say a company is growing and has developed a relationship with a hiring agency. Part of what makes the agency great is the understanding of how companies in their sector grow. Certain companies go through particular stages of development that are trackable. For example, one of the first hires a company should make is an account manager, any good agency will know this and know what hires to make next.

The agency is an aid to the company as it grows because it provides them with employees who fill the necessary roles as they become available. This relationship is invaluable and it shows the skills of an agency when they have multiple relationships like this on the books.

Good opportunity for coaching during the process if you pick the right one

Good coaching will make or break your career. If an agency advises you to take a position you are not ready for, then your reputation in the industry can be ruined. On the other hand, if you are recommended a position you are overqualified for, you can be stuck in a job you don’t need for years.

A good coach is always a positive asset no matter what industry you’re in. That’s why having a high touch relationship with your agency is primary to your success. A good coach will help you land the right job at the right company which will multiply your success.


Hiring an agency to help place you may seem like the easiest way to secure a job. The only problem is that many agencies have a quota to hit. They don’t necessarily care about you as an individual. You can easily be swept up into an excel sheet and treated like a number. If this is not an issue for you, reach out a repudiable agency and see what they have to offer.

best tech sales jobs

Landing The Best Sales Job in Tech

Finding the best sales tech job is a challenge. It requires hard work, focus, and resourcefulness. The skills we will discuss do not only apply to land a job. They will help you become a rainmaker for your company. No matter what your experience in the field, if you come at this with a positive attitude you can land that great new job in sales tech.

However, a positive attitude will not take you the entire way. Nobody can just walk in the door at Apple and demand the job of their dreams. You will need to spend some time in the industry before big companies will even consider you. Don’t think that can skip the line to the top. This is your career, prepare for a lifelong commitment to mastery.

Consider this process as the first step to focusing on your craft. You may need to begin at smaller companies that don’t necessarily have the brand awareness of your dream job. In fact, starting your career at a small company with an unknown brand can be a great opportunity. If you can help a small company grow exponentially, then you will have a real victory on your resume. The more you succeed, the more leverage you will have in the industry.

Perhaps, however, you’re already experienced in sales and are looking to improve. We believe that even the experienced can benefit from going back to the fundamentals of what makes a good salesperson. Apply the lessons we will discuss in our lessons, and you’ll go from good to great.

The key here is what is the best position for you. Everybody has their own particular set of skills. The worst thing you can do is take a new position that does not play to your strengths. So we already know you have to hustle, be motivated, and know how to produce results in order to get the best job possible. Now let’s look at how to nail down that position that you know you can thrive in.


Nobody is going to hand you the ideal job. No matter how long you meditate and visualize the job you want, nothing will happen until you go out and make it happen. Part of that process is being aware of what’s going on in the industry. Make a list of companies you are interested in and learn as much about them as you can.

Learn about their culture and work life. See if you can determine the quality of the company before you even make an effort to apply. Find the networking events they attend, connect with them on LinkedIn or their social channels. Do everything you can to make connections and source information. Not only will this inquisitive mindset help you in getting the right job for you, but it will also help develop your skills when you’re actually working in sales.

Sales Landscape

According to LinkedIn, sales is the single most important component of a strong candidate. There are so many ways people can distract their employers from the fact that they may not be good at sales. They can decorate their resumes, lean heavily on their college degree, or even point to their numerous extracurricular activities. Always remember this, nothing compares to the ability to makes sales.

We will talk a lot about the macro level of hiring in this industry and as you read you will be achieving the goal of educating yourself on the topic. But this does not mean you can rely on this program alone. Seek out friends in the industry and start networking with companies even though you know you don’t want to work for them. Any connection is a good connection in sales and individual growth.

The Interview Process

Learning more about sales will make you see the world a bit differently. You will begin to see more and more things as a sales process. There’s something you want, but you can’t have. Therefore you develop a way to communicate what you want, a way to offer equal or greater value, and finally closing the deal.

The interview process is no different. Your potential employer is looking for something and is willing to offer something of value in return. After you decide that you are willing to accept what they will offer, then it’s your turn to prove to them you can return the exchange with something equal or greater. This is much easier said than done.

The best way to start with your best foot forward is to make sure all written communication is perfect. There is no excuse for typos here because you have plenty of time to read through your writing multiple times. Be clear and concise, do your best to judge the situation to see if slight humor or a complete dry interaction is necessary.

Research everyone you make contact with during the hiring process. The more you know the people you’re interacting with the better you will feel when you come face to face with them. If you know who they are before they know you, you will display a sharp intellect and a real desire to be a part of the team.

Like every sale, you need to be committed to the close. Whatever they throw at you be ready to meet their needs and move on to the next step. Do not procrastinate on replying to emails or sending the necessary documents. This will be an immediate red flag for them and they will quickly pass you up for someone more diligent.

highest paying jobs in tech sales

The 20 Tech Companies Paying The Highest Salaries For Salespeople in 2019

Tech has been a consistent source of high paying jobs and security for many programmers and engineers. But what about sales?

For all the software that is constantly being developed, salespeople are needed to deliver these products to customers. Due to the growth of tech, the demand for sales has increased dramatically. What most people don’t realize is how many lucrative sales positions are available.

According to Glassdoor, tech companies have a median pay of $80,000 for sales jobs on the corporate level. For those who think that pay is too low, consider that a successful salesperson will earn much more because of the nature of commissions and bonuses.

Here are The 20 Tech Companies Paying The Highest Salaries For Salespeople in 2019


Two of the biggest cities for tech sales, San Francisco and San Jose, together made available more than 5,000 corporate sales jobs. Below is our list of tech companies with the highest pay based on their median compensation:



Base Salary: $110,000
Commission: $100,000
Total Pay: $235,000

Topping our list is industry leader SAP SE. Their enterprise application software helps businesses and organizations process large amounts of data relatively cheaply. Their main headquarters is located in Germany. Their North American headquarters are located in Newtown Square, Pa.


2. Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO – Get Report)
Base Salary: $93,000
Commission: $100,000
Total Pay: $211,000

Tech giant Cisco designs, manufacture and sells networking equipment. As the San Jose, Calif.-based company looks to “navigate several fundamental technology transitions, including cloud computing, mobility and the internet of everything,” it is generally moving away from being a hardware provider toward higher growth areas such as cloud computing and offering software-defined networking.


3. CA Inc. (CA)
Base Salary: $110,000
Commission: $100,000
Total Pay: $210,000

The information tech management powerhouse CA Technologies is still relevant despite declining demand. As of right now, there haven’t been any major moves to adapt, yet they are still dominant in their salaries in sales. This could signal a greater need for talent in the sales department or reward for the constant success of the department. CA Inc is a huge name in the industry and despite its age will continue to hold a powerful part of the market.

Critics have noted that their core business is focused on a declining mainframe business, but it also participates in “rapidly growing software markets,” such as Cloud Management, DevOps, IT Business Management, and Security.


4. EMC Corp. (EMC)
Base Salary: $100,000
Commission: $100,000
Total Pay: $200,000

Hopkinton, Massachusetts headquarters the EMC Corp which specializes in large-scale data storage systems and software for businesses and corporations. Similar to CA Inc, their older hardware is losing demand in the market. However, and business this large understands the need to provide innovations, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do.

Last week EMC agreed to sell a controlling stake in its Syncplicity business to investment firm Skyview Capital. Syncplicity competes with Dropbox and Box (BOX) by helping companies “sync and shares data files both on their premises and in external cloud data centers,” The Journal said.


5. Symantec Corp. (SYMC – Get Report)
Base Salary: $102,500
Commission: $76,250
Total Pay: $197,500

Symantec, which specializes in cybersecurity and dominates the industry, announced it’s split into two companies. Their cybersecurity and Veritas departments will now be separate which is a sign of growth and job openings.

The Mountain View, California based corporation transitioned from its namesake (Norton Antivirus) to tackling more critical security issues. They provide services for almost every single company on the Fortune 500 list. They are not immune to competition however, others in the industry such as FireEye and Palo Alto Networks are small/agile companies that are growing.


6. Microsoft (MSFT – Get Report)
Base Salary: $118,000
Commission: $50,000
Total Pay: $191,000

Microsoft is not the giant it used to be but their still out there making big moves. Their recent release oh high-end laptops have put them in strong competition with Mac. They focus less on the sales of their operating systems and have begun to focus on hardware which seems to be working out great for them. Only about 25% of its quarterly revenue comes from software now.


7. (CRM – Get Report)
Base Salary: $90,000
Commission: $68,000
Total Pay: $173,500 is a company from the new generation of tech. Their cloud-based software company aids clients with their customer relationship management. With Salesforce, companies are better able to store data, develop and access customer and potential customer data, track all progress and predict future results. This company is a great example of the increased demand for sales. This service is not as well known as the big names but it can provide serious value to the right customers. They just need to know it exists.

8. Adobe Systems (ADBE – Get Report)
Base Salary: $90,000
Commission: $50,000
Total Pay: $162,500

The much loved Adobe Systems, located in San Jose, California is making dramatic changes as well. Despite its branding as hip new technology, which it is, they have had various security problems with it’s Flash Player.
With that issue largely being corrected by Adobe and the various web browsers working together with the block the software, Adobe can focus on its powerhouse software The Adobe Suit. Their focus now is delivering their software from the cloud.

9. Avaya
Base Salary: $95,000
Commission: $60,000
Total Pay: $160,000

Avaya, also in Santa Clara, California is less of a household name but still is a force to be reckoned with. Their focus is on communication hardware for businesses, corporations, and government agencies. Their acquisition of Esna Technologies helped them get better control of the market by also providing communications software.

10. IBM (IBM – Get Report)
Base Salary: $100,000
Commission: $45,000
Total Pay: $150,000

The legendary IBM has been surviving after all these years. Their adaptation comes from the acceptance of cloud computing for high-growth businesses. The New York based company has faced adversity in the past but are going strong and will continue to earn around $40 billion by the end of this year.


11. Hewlett-Packard
Base Salary: $101,821
Commission: $40,313
Total Pay: $142,134

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and the technology company Continental today announced a new platform, expected to be available in 2019 which is based on blockchain technology. This is great news for a company that has been around for a long time. Anytime these large, well known, powerhouse commit to adopting new technology it shows reliable growth for the future.

HP has also begun a project to work with car manufacturers to monetize their data and vary their brands. Based on blockchain technology, the platform provides data sovereignty, security, transparency, and efficiency to overcome the barriers of sharing vehicle data.


12. Oracle
Base Salary: $100,000
Commission: $52,500
Total Pay: $152,500

Oracle Corp., one of the nation’s leading software and IT companies, is scouting the Nashville market for an urban office hub, according to multiple real estate sources. Those sources say the Bay Area-based company is seeking at least 500,000 square feet of office space, with the potential to grow to as much as twice that size.

13. Mulesoft
Base Salary: $102,000
Commission: $75,000
Total Pay: $177,00

About a year ago, Salesforce acquired MuleSoft for a massive $6.5 billion, the largest deal in the company’s history. At first, this deal wasn’t well received mainly because MuleSoft didn’t fit cleanly into Salesforce’s customer relationship management business. Salesforce’s stock sank about 5% in the immediate aftermath of the deal. But, since the merger, Mulesoft has made $181 in total revenue which came in far ahead of their projections.

14. Tibco
Base Salary: $91,718
Commission: $123,749
Total Pay: $215,467

TIBCO Software, a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, recently announced that they ranked come in first place among in five of six use cases in the Gartner 2019 Critical Capabilities for Master Data Management Solutions report. These use cases include B2B Customer Data, Buy-Side Product Data, Sell-Side Product Data, Multidomain master data management, and Multivector master data management. Evaluated for this report, the TIBCO EBX solution is a product from Orchestra Networks, recently acquired by TIBCO, which is noted therein.



15. Lever
Base Salary: $101,821
Commission: $40,313
Total Pay: $142,134

Lever, the company transforming the way organizations hire, has made three key executive hires, rounding out its management team and further positioning the company for growth. Used by over 2,000 companies and across every industry, Lever is bringing on seasoned executives to help scale operations to meet the increased demand of an exploding Talent Acquisition market, which Bersin by Deloitte expects to be over $200B.


16. Apttus
Base Salary: $93,896
Commission: $100,000
Total Pay: $193,896

Apttus, a quote-to-cash vendor built on top of the Salesforce platform that looked to be heading toward an IPO in recent years has taken a different tack, instead of being acquired by private equity firm Thoma Bravo today.

The company did not reveal the purchase price but said it could be ready to share more details about the arrangement after the deal closes, probably next month. “What we can say is that Apttus views this development positively and believes Thoma Bravo can instill greater operational excellence, strengthen our market leadership and allow us to continue providing indispensable value to our customers,” a company spokesperson told TechCrunch.



17. Sumo Logic
Base Salary: $75,000
Commission: $110,000
Total Pay: $185,000

Sumo Logic has the dominant cloud-native machine data analytics platform. Sumo offers continuous intelligence and today displayed massive growth within EMEA region occupied by customers using its platform and an expanding partner ecosystem delivering the machine data analytics insights needed to build, run and secure modern applications and infrastructures. James Campanini has been scaling this growth as a general manager. Vice President of technical services Mark Pidgeon is leading a new team to be headquartered in Holborn, London.

18. Zen Desk
Base Salary: $62,612
Commission: $50,200
Total Pay: $112,812

Few investor favorites have held on to their mantle as long as Zendesk (ZEN), the cloud-based provider of customer support software. The company’s stock rose double digits after reporting one of its best fourth-quarter results ever, with revenue growth accelerating from the prior quarter and lending support to a bullish outlook for FY19. Zendesk’s post-earnings rally has lifted the stock to new all-time highs near $80:

19. Copper
Base Salary: $60,000
Commission: $40,000
Total Pay: $100,000

Copper, the Google-recommended CRM for the digital workplace, is moving to the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) to focus their service on global customers.  The modernization of its GCP infrastructure, Copper affirming it’s commitment to scaling their AI technology in CRM tools. This allows their employees to work better and more effectively.

Copper delivers a new kind of CRM that is focused on building relationships rather than simply managing them. By leveraging AI and its deep Google partnerships, Copper is able to deliver an innovative and easy-to-use CRM tool. Copper CRM operates natively within G Suite so that users never have to leave Gmail or interrupt their everyday workflow, thereby eliminating the tedious, time-consuming data entry that causes sales and marketing teams to abandon CRM deployments. Copper has been a CRM partner with Google since the early days of its Chrome extension in 2014. This move to GCP will provide better end-to-end coverage and performance for Copper’s worldwide user base.



20. Talk Desk
Base Salary: $65,000
Commission: $30,000
Total Pay: $95,000


One of the biggest companies in cloud contact for innovative enterprises, Talkdesk, announced it’s Winter 19 software recently. The leas will allow the company to capitalize on its foothold in the customer experience innovation market.

“Consumers expect a personalized, proactive experience, and they expect it in the channel they are most comfortable using,” said Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk. “CX optimization requires more than just a focus on the customer. It requires innovation at every level; from customers to agents to supervisors and IT teams. Most importantly, it requires a solution provider and a platform that can keep pace with the changing expectations of today’s digitally empowered consumers.”

The Importance of LinkedIn

A major part of landing the sales tech job you want is mastering up your social media presence. You don’t have to be everywhere but you have to at least be on LinkedIn. Without going into too much detail, LinkedIn is regarded as the most professional social media site that exists right now. You should expect your potential employer to see your LinkedIn, that’s why it’s important to make sure it shines.

Your Performance

Don’t be afraid to show your results on your LinkedIn page. It may seem a bit vain, but you want your employer to see exactly what you have accomplished in your previous sales position. Of course, blur out any sensitive information before making your numbers public.

Putting your results on display will be proof to your employer that you have skills in sales. And depending on the quality of your numbers, that image alone may be the thing that gets you hired. If your numbers aren’t stellar, then you need to make a judgment call as to whether or not your results will make you look good.

Your sales may not be completely relevant to the position you are applying to now. Don’t let that deter you from posting your numbers. Your results in sales, no matter the industry, will at least convey you understand the process and can close a deal.

If you don’t have any sales experience then you won’t be able to show off your results. Instead, position your work experience in a way that sets up your change into sales. Let’s say you were in customer service. You can highlight your abilities with customers and link to whatever testimonials you have. This will show that you have social skills which is a major aspect in determining a good salesperson.


Logos will go a long way on your resume. Showing your potential employer that you have some well-known employers on your resume will only add to your perceived credibility. It’s obvious but name brands that employed you prove that you are credible in your field and will provide your current employer value simply by associating with them by hiring you.

However, some employers don’t have well-known names that will impress your potential employer. To make up for this, show how drastically you have changed the company while you worked there. Whether you were in sales or not, highlight all you have contributed to the company and how much they valued you.

If the companies you worked for don’t have a logo available on LinkedIn, make sure to work with them to make that happen. A simple inquiry with LinkedIn staff will get your previous companies logo available. You don’t want to show your new employer a default stock image in the place where the companies brand should be.

Case Studies

When presenting yourself on LinkedIn, make sure to highlight what a tech sales employer is looking for. Instead of saying, “I sold into top retail accounts”, put that you closed Urban Outfitters in a 6-week process. Tell them what exactly you did, don’t be vague.

They want to hear how many clients you worked with open to close. They want to know how many of your leads were cold and how many were warm. They want to know how much you spent getting clients vs. how much money landing them earned the company. Don’t be afraid to tell the story of your successful sales on your profile.

One of the best things you can do is post testimonials. Primarily from clients but if you have them from your employer than use that as well. Perhaps you won some awards for selling the most for a particular month or year. Get your accolades and your top sales in a place where they are clear and easy to read.


Really nailing your LinkedIn profile is priceless. Let’s say you master your presentation on social media, yet you don’t get the job you applied for. Having a professional and up to date, LinkedIn can act as its own application process while you are busy doing other things. Always keep an eye on your LinkedIn profile, you never know when somebody will reach out to you with a potential opportunity.

4 Books That Will Increase Your Sales Productivity

Something we talk about a lot here at Rainmakers is the importance of continued education. There are so many masters out there that put all of their successes, lessons, and even mistakes in their books. Why make mistakes when you can learn from the mistakes of others? Books are amazing capsules for the human mind. There is almost no excuse for not learning from the greats who have made their knowledge immortal.


Sales is not something anybody can just pick up and do, there is a ton of human psychology involved that the layman cannot possibly comprehend at first glance. Nobody wants to spend their money. Most people have a fairly tight budget and don’t want to ‘waste’ their hard earned cash. That’s why you need to know how to give value to your customers while getting them into a buying mindset.


For beginners, the very first thing you need to master is how to be productive. If you can’t keep yourself busy for the work day, you will have no career in sales. Any decent salesperson is constantly generating leads, following up, making cold calls, networking, and closing the deal. There is no room for slack in this industry, here are the 5 books that will help you keep up.


1. How to Win Friends & Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

This book is an absolute classic and must-read for any sales professional. If you haven’t heard of this book yet, then you are already behind. Maintaining a productive work day means keeping potential and existing clients in the loop at all times. You can achieve this by understanding the dynamics of human communication and social etiquette. The stronger your connections the bigger your network will become. This will open you up to all kinds of opportunities that will definitely keep you busy. If you haven’t yet, pick up this book immediately.

Check it out – How To Win Friends And Influence People



2. The UltraMind Solution, by Mark Hyman M.D.

The UltaMind Solution is not a a sales book at all, in fact it has absolutely nothing to do with sales. However, the issue here is productivity, and Mark’s book will unlock level of energy within you that you never would have thought possible before. By making a few simple changes to your diet you can achieve almost superhuman levels of energy in your day to day life. Any salesperson that is willing to commit to their career needs all the energy they can get. Mastering this book will put you head and shoulders above even the most experienced salespeople in your field.

Check it out – The UltraMind Solution


3. Secrets of Closing the Sale, by Zig Zigler

A critical part about staying productive is understanding how to close your sale quickly. You don’t want to spend weeks or even months tracking down a client to get them to buy. Learning how to close will free up your time so you can use it to generate more leads and close more deals.


This is the first book on the list that starts to dip into the psychology of what makes a person buy. Like we discussed above, people just going about their day aren’t necessarily ready to part ways with their money. But when you understand the psychological factors that get people buy, you will save a ton of time and energy during the sales process. Even if you get a hard NO, you pushed your client to the point where you know with complete certainty that they will not buy. Instead of them just being nice to you and leading you on for who knows how long, you’ll get your answer so you can move on to people who potentially will buy.

Check it out – Secrets of Closing the Sale


4. To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, by Daniel H. Pink

‘To Sell Is Human’ is another must read book when it comes understanding the link between human psychology and selling. This book made the list because it is one of the most recent books that have achieved classic status on this topic.


Within its pages, Pink talks about the correlation between persuasion and selling. He also outlines that regardless of your profession, a challenge that comes up quite frequently in life is the ability to effectively persuade someone else of an idea. Whether it’s getting children to do their homework or convincing a significant other to eat at a restaurant of your choosing, there is always an element of persuasion or selling necessary. Thus, Pink is able to derive the name of his book from this basic principle.

Check it out – To Sell is Human


There are tons of books you can read on this topic but these 4 are absolute must reads. Increasing your productivity means getting smarter, being healthy, being motivated, and closing as many deals as possible. You will make mistakes, you will hit roadblocks, but committing  to success will pull you through. Once you start building momentum you will forget what it was ever like to be unproductive in your field.


The Top Characteristics Of Successful Sales Managers

Sales management positions are extremely rigorous and difficult positions. The men and women who earn a sales management job in tech startups or enterprises are the people who bring massive revenue and inspire huge results with their teams. To put it simply, a sales manager is what gets money through the door. Having a constant flow of income is the foundation of every business. If you can be the rainmaker for your employer, you will be treated as an invaluable asset. But the question is, how do you develop the skills to be a high functioning sales manager?

To develop your skills as a sales manager, sometimes you just need to throw yourself into the water to learn how to swim. But, before you do, here is one key ability you will need to be successful.

Know Your Ideal Position

Knowing your ideal position is a key ability you will need to master in order to be successful as a sales manager. Within sales, there are many different departments that require leadership. For example, business development teams need different leadership and management compared to sales enablement or field sales reps. Placing yourself appropriately within your team can be the difference between making in rain or feeling the pain. 

Think about it. The VP Sales or CSO at a bootstrapped tech startup is going to have everything on his shoulders – the training, process creation and development, hiring, coaching and stack development. However, the VP of Business Development at an enterprise organization will have more narrow, specific focuses. Depending on your skills and experience, one or the other position will be best for you and ultimately the company as a whole. 

Answering the questions of your ideal position will require some introspection. You must know yourself before you will be fit to manage an entire sales team. Do you love to help people? Being the business development leader will allow you to coach the SDR or BDR team. They’re learning, are thirsty for knowledge, and want to improve so they get promoted.

Put together a list what you like doing and the corresponding positions that match your interests.

Be an Advocate for Your Company and the People You Work With

The second part of your question deal with personality traits of a successful sales manager. One thing that employers love the most is having someone who loves the company as much as they do. What employees often don’t understand about the higher ups in their company is exactly how much they have dedicated their lives to making their company successful. When they see others with their level of commitment they instantly hold you in high regard.

Part of this process is gaining visibility and recognition among the leadership team and the sales team. Being open and available to as many people at the company is one great way to build trust and familiarity with you. Imaging the stuck up manager who only comes out of the office to bark orders and make impossible demands, do not be that guy. Don’t just make small talk either, the people you work with are human beings with unique stories and traits. Learn who they are and how they best fit within the company. As the sales manager you may find positions for people that will make them a lot happier and more productive, it’s a win for everybody.

This doesn’t only apply to your immediate group. Meet the marketing team and the content creators or whichever departments are relevant to the business. The benefit of this is to build relationships within the team and to show your real intention to join the team for reasons other than the salary. But, of course, you have to balance this process out. You can’t be too needy for attention either. Your social skills within the company is a skill and should not be overlooked just because your numbers happen to be good this month.

Let’s face it, many people at your company don’t necessarily want to be there every day of the week. If you can establish yourself as somebody they look forward to seeing, you will boost moral which will lead to a healthier more successful workplace for everybody involved, including yourself.

Never Stop Learning

Your skills are what will determine a large part of your success. Luckily there is a wealth of information about specific within the sales process itself. When you’re not working, you need to be absorbing as much information as possible from books, seminars, videos, and podcasts. You want to be the guy who is always up to date with the cutting edge of your field. If you don’t think you are up for the lifelong path to mastery, then consider a different field.

People who have been massively successful have written their entire life stories down for us to learn form. Sam Walton has a great book called “Made in America” that’s a great primer for any ambitious person in the sales field. We don’t have to make mistakes in order to learn, we can simply learn from the mistakes of others and avoid the pain all together.



Taking a position as a sales manager is a massive commitment. Be ready to put all your skills and energy to the test. When you become successful, don’t become a jerk about it. Make sure your team feels just as successful as you do when things go right, and just as much to blame when things go wrong. Good luck on your new position!

The Offical Rainmakers 2018 Dreamforce Party Guide

Dreamforce 2018 is right around the corner! I hope that everyone has their pitches rehearsed and their business card ready. Networking is an important piece of running your booth, but don’t forget that the networking doesn’t end when you leave Moscone. You can’t forget the parties, and who has time to research all of them? Don’t worry – Rainmakers has created a 2018 Dreamforce Party Guide, sorted by date, so you can plan accordingly. Register soon before all of your favorite events are filled.

Featured Event

Modern Sales Pros and Modern SaaS – 2018 Dreamforce Happy Hour

Rainmakers is excited to sponsor the 2018 MSP Happy Hour.  This is not an event to miss. The demand has been so great, that the party has been expanded to a block party including three bars and a restaurant.  In addition to being to being a general sponsor, Rainmakers is taking over Iza Ramen and hosting Rainmakers Ramen – A night of networking and noodles (and Saki, beer and wine) on us!  You won’t want to miss this.

Hosted/Sponsored By:  Modern Sales Pro, Modern SaaS, Bravado, Chili Piper, ChorUS, DiscoverOrg, DocSend, GrowLabs, Guru, Rainmakers, SalesLoft, Skaled, and Troops.

Summary:  The MSP happy hour is happening again so that MSP and Modern SaaS members from around the country can meet and greet in person.

When:  Tuesday, September 25th, 2018  5:30pm-9:30pm

Where:  Raven Bar & BloodHound – 1151 Folsom Street

Sign Up Here

Also, our COO, Michael Theron, is being featured at the Sales Hacker Leadership Lounge, speaking on a panel How to Scale a Successful Sales Team. Breakfast will be served.

All Events

Monday – September 24th, 2018

Power Up for Dreamforce Party

Hosted/Sponsored By:  Simplus

Summary: Power up for Dreamforce with food, drinks, vintage arcade games, and giveaways.

When:  Monday, September 24th, 2018  7:00pm-11:00pm

Where:  The Dirty Habit at Hotel Zelos  12 4th Street

Sign Up Here

PepUp Tech Karaoke for a Cause

Hosted/Sponsored By:  PepUp Tech

Summary: PepUp Tech’s Karaoke for a Cause.  Karaoke with donations going to support a lot of great causes,

When:  Monday, September 24th 7:30pm

Where:  Pandora Karaoke  177 Eddy Street

Sign Up  Here – Tickets are $30

Tuesday – September 25th, 2018

WalkMe DreamForce Party

Hosted/Sponsored By: WalkMe, DialSource, TimeTrade, RFPio

Summary:  Not only is this he event a great opportunity to relax and “let-loose” after Day 1 of the conference, the WalkMe Dreamforce Party brings together top influencers — across every industry representing several hundred organizations — in a casual and professional environment for establishing valuable connections.

When: September 25th, 8pm

Where:  Terra Gallery – 511 Harrison Street

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Modern Sales Pros and Modern SaaS – 2018 Dreamforce Happy Hour

Hosted/Sponsored By:  Modern Sales Pro, Modern SaaS, Bravado, Chili Piper, ChorUS, DiscoverOrg, DocSend, GrowLabs, Guru, Rainmakers, SalesLoft, Skaled, and Troops.

Summary:  The MSP happy hour is happening again so that MSP and Modern SaaS members from around the country can meet and greet in person.

When:  Tuesday, September 25th, 2018  5:30pm-9:30pm

Where:  Raven Bar & BloodHound – 1151 Folsom Street

Sign Up Here

DemandBase After-party at Temple

Hosted/Sponsored By: DemandBase, Salesforce Pardot, Engagio, Certain

Summary: Join Demandbase and fellow B2B marketers at the iconic Temple Nightclub. Dance the night away in the fully immersive state of the art LED lighting nightclub with world-class sound system. There’ll be live DJs, drinks, food and plenty of dancing!

When:  Tuesday, September 25th, 2018  9:00pm – 12:00am

Where:  Temple Nightclub – 540 Howard Street

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The Dreamforce Premier Silent Disco!

Hosted/Sponsored By:  Conga

Summary:  Located just across the street from Moscone at the ThirstyBear Brewing Company. Conga brought you the original silent disco of Dreamforce, and this year they’re outdoing themselves! With three DJs and an open bar, come ready to party and unwind from your first full day of Dreamforce.

When:  Tuesday, September 25th, 2018  7:00pm – LATE!

Where:  ThirstyBear Brewing Company  661 Howard Street

Sign Up Here

#DF2018 Taco Tuesday

Sponsored/Hosted By: DIA

Summary:  Come and join us for “Muchos Tacos” on Dreamforce Tuesday evening, help support a great cause and bathe in the #Ohana Spirit as you find the groove of your 2018 Dreamforce experience. You don’t have to speak Spanish to attend… just bring a hefty appetite for tasty Tacos. Anyone attending Dreamforce is welcome!  Your $40 ticket gets you a Taco Fiesta which lets you build your own Tacos from a variety of choice ingredients such as soft corn & flour tortillas, choice of 2 types of meat, black & pinto beans, with a variety of salsas, cheese, onions, cilantro, lettuce, limes, guacamole and sour cream. Mmmmm has my mouth watering now!

When:  Tuesday, September 25th, 2018  7:00pm-11:00pm

Where:  Nick’s Crispy Tacos and Rogue Lounge  1500 Broadway at Polk St.

Sign Up Here – Tickets $33

**DF2018 Badge needed for entry.  All proceeds will be donated to Mission 22

Salesforce North Party @ Dreamforce

Hosted/Sponsored By:  Salesforce

Summary:  We have the pleasure of inviting to a North Europe party – San Francisco style!  The concept: Connect with your fellow Trailblazers: Mingle with all kinds of Trailblazers from the BeNeLux and Nordic regions.  Taste of San Francisco: Food stations from different parts of the city; like the Castro, Chinatown, the Mission and North Beach. Dance to top DJs: Dive into the night – streets of San Francisco style!

When:  Tuesday September 25th, 2018  6:30pm – 10:30pm

Where:  The Mezzanine  444 Jessie Street

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Hosted/Sponsored By:  Bluewolf, an IBM Company.

Summary:  Join IBM and Bluewolf for our exclusive BlueSkies celebration above the fog at a historic location. Enjoy an evening of networking complete with mixologists serving up curated cocktails, and a live band.

When:  Tuesday, September 25th, 2018  7:00pm – LATE

Where:  Location revealed via invite – exclusive!

Sign Up/Request Invite Here

Linkedin- Get Closer to Greatness

Hosted/Sponsored By:  Linkedin

Summary:  An evening gathering the world’s top innovators, leaders, and influencers in sales for an evening you won’t want to miss. In San Francisco for Dreamforce? We’ve got you covered.  

When:  Tuesday, September 25th, 2018  8:00pm – 11:00pm

Where:  Linkedin- 222 2nd St.

Sign Up/Request Invite Here

Wednesday –  September 26th, 201

SalesLoft Celebrate

Sponsored/Hosted By: SalesLoft, EverString, Intercom, Terminus, LeanData, Sendoso, Modern Sales Pros, and Videolicious.

Summary: Celebrate crushing your quota. Celebrate your recent promotion. Celebrate your bluebird deal.  Celebrate nailing your pitch. Celebrate making President’s Club. Join SalesLoft as they celebrate YOU at Dreamforce this year.

When:  Wednesday, September 26th, 2018  10:00pm- 2:00am

Where:  Temple Nightclub  540 Howard Street

Sign Up Here

Cocktails, Conversations, and Conversions

Sponsored/Hosted By:  DiscoverOrg, Marketo, Gong

Summary:  Come network with marketing and sales leaders on Thursday night while enjoying free drinks & apps – discuss some of your favorite sessions from the event and other tips & tricks you use to get ahead of the game!

When:  Thursday, September 27, 2018  6:00pm-8:30pm

Where:  Bar 888 – 888 Howard Street

Sign Up Here

Science Fair Happy Hour

Sponsored/Hosted By:  Ambition, Gong, and LearnCore

Summary:  Join Ambition, Gong, and LearnCore for complimentary drinks and bar bites, just steps away from Moscone in the beautiful Intercontinental Living Room bar area. We’ll be cooking up formulas for successful sales, mixing cocktail elements, and testing out some new games.

When:  Wednesday, September 26, 2018  4:00pm – 7:00pm

Where:  InterContinental SF – 888 Howard Street

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The Concert for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals Featuring Metallica!

Hosted/Sponsored By:, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals

Summary:  A benefit concert featuring Metallica and MC Hammer.

When:  September 26, 2018

  • 6:00pm Cocktails
  • 8:00pm Concert
  • 10:00pm After party

Where:  City Hall and Civic Center Plaza  335 McAllister St.

Sign Up Here

NewVoiceMedia Oktoberfest!

Hosted/Sponsored By:  NewVoiceMedia

Summary:  Join NewVoiceMedia for Beer, Bratwurst and more beer. They will be bringing the traditional Oktoberfest celebration to you at Dreamforce. Grab your stein and join them for the best party at Dreamforce.  This party always fills up so register ASAP to ensure you and your lederhosen get on the list.

When:  Wednesday, September 26th, 2018  5:00pm – 8:00pm

Where:  Tehama Grasshopper  431 Tehama Street

Sign up Here

Thursday – September 27, 2018

Sales Enablement Soiree

Hosted/Sponsored By:  Forrester, Salesforce, SiriusDecisions

Summary:  The Sales Enablement Soiree is the only networking event exclusively for Sales Enablement at Dreamforce.

When:  Thursday, September 27, 2018  9:00am-5:00pm

Where:  Four Season, 757 Market Street

Sign Up Here

Cocktails, Conversations, and Conversions

Sponsored/Hosted By:  DiscoverOrg, Marketo, Gong

Summary:  Come network with marketing and sales leaders on Thursday night while enjoying free drinks & apps – discuss some of your favorite sessions from the event and other tips & tricks you use to get ahead of the game!

When:  Thursday, September 27, 2018  6:00pm-8:30pm

Where:  Bar 888 – 888 Howard Street

Sign Up Here

The Engagement Party

Sponsored/Hosted By:  Idealist Consulting, Dig, iATS Payments, KnowWho, Mogli, FormAssembly, Rallybound.

Summary:  The biggest party of the year for nonprofits & progressives.

When:  Thursday, September 27th, 2018  9:00pm – LATE!

Where:  The Monarch  101 6th Street

Sign Up Here

MapAnything After Hours

Sponsored/Hosted By:  MapAnything, Simplus, Natterbox, Own, LinkPoint360

Summary:  A night of mind-blowing diversions & hypnotic sounds await you at San Francisco’s hottest nightlife destination, Temple Night Club. You won’t want to miss the diverse and soulful mixes created by California native, DJ Malachi.   Sip on your elixir of choice at their open premium bar, accompanied by an assortment of delectable hors d’oeuvres while you let the mystery of the evening engulf you. The line-up of unexpected & entrancing entertainment acts, every hour, on the hour will leave you wanting more.

When:  Thursday, September 27th  9:00pm – 2:00am

Where:  Temple Nightclub  540 Howard Street

Sign Up Here

Limitless Party

Sponsored/Hosted By:  FinancialForce

Summary:  Located between Moscone Conference Center and your hotel room, our VIPCentral will be hosting the party of the year! Expect some seriously good food, killer music, cool entertainment, and crafty cocktails. Whether you want to get your groove on or do some networking in style this party will deliver.

When:  Thursday, September 27th, 2018  7:00PM – 10:00PM

Where:  Fogo de Chao  201 3rd Street

Sign Up Here

trade show tips for exhibitors and vendor booths at conferences

Conference Booth Networking For Vendors: How To Standout From The Sea Of Other Booths

You’ve seen it time and time again at conference after conference. The glorious expo hall aka sea of SaaS vendor booths. Some are crushing, while others are sitting around wishing they had more people stopping by for demos and chatter. In this guide, we’ll break down how to stand out from the noise and get some real achievable ROI for your company’s booth investment.

If you’re curious, check out how Rainmakers did this at Sales Hacker’s Revenue Summit. (We kicked ass!)

Conferences growing in importance within the business landscape both in helping companies grow their brand awareness and in engaging with prospects. As such a growing number of leaders in marketing are investing in booths and sponsorships for the various conferences relevant to their particular business and industry.

Once such an investment has been made, it’s imperative that the booth be properly staffed at all times and the team has a cohesive strategy on how to engage with attendees such that the company will be able to achieve the greatest possible ROI for that conference. To do so however is not so straight forward and can actually be quite challenging since there are often so many other vendors prying for the attention of the same prospective buyers.

Therefore if you’ve been tapped on as one of the trusted agents of your enterprise to go to such a conference as the ambassador of your company, what are some ways you can stand out from the crowd and make the most of your time there? That’s exactly what we’re here to discuss.

Here are some best practices you can follow to maximize your chances of developing a positive relationship with a conference attendee and ultimately growing your company’s pipeline, which is what your executive team will expect from such an investment.

1) Smile

Think about it. Who would ever want to approach someone at a booth with an unpleasant frown on their face? If it’s abhorrently obvious to others that the staffer doesn’t want to be there, they can safely assume their conversation with that individual will be lackluster at best.

The power of the smile, especially at conferences, cannot be understated. Smiles are contagious and have the power to attract others. Smiling is also a signal to others that they are welcome to come and speak to you. It may seem like body language basics, but it really works!

Best of all, it allows for the interaction to get a kick start on the right note given that a smile will often be reciprocated leaving your conversational counterpart to think subconsciously the interaction is going well. Of course, the rest of your conversation must continue to engage and excite the prospect but this is definitely a great way to get the ball rolling.

2) Act as a guide

This might be the best networking tip of them all.

Though you are not an employee of the conference it may behoove you to try and match the knowledge of their staff. Reason being, if you’re able to have a solid understanding of locations and schedules you can act as a guide for those attending the conference. At the very least we would advise you try and obtain a map or schedule of the conference that you can reference for this purpose.

This can be a fantastic ice breaker to start a conversation and will create an opportunity for an immediately positive interaction since you’re offering assistance. If you see someone with a lost look on their face while you’re staffing your booth you can immediately walk forward with confidence and ask if there’s anything you can do to assist them.

Once you’ve been able to help that individual you can parlay the conversation in such a way that you relate things back to your company’s product or services. It’s highly possible that individual could be a prospective buyer or know someone who might be.

Another possibility though is that the individual may be late to a session and speed off quickly after your little interaction but don’t worry as your show of good will won’t be for naught. There’s still the possibility that you may run into that individual again later in the conference and now that an acquaintanceship has been established it should be much easier to approach the individual later. Just don’t let them leave without taking your business card which is actually a perfect segue for our next point.

3) Bring business cards and company swag

It’s safe to say that a booth without swag is at a great disadvantage at these conferences. Though it may seem a bit materialistic, many conference attendees will feel inclined to engage with staffers at booths just to get some free swag.

Though the seemingly frivolous distribution of items will often not lead to a lot closed business it can do a great deal for a company in terms of brand awareness. This is even truer the more unique that particular giveaway item is.

For example, during one particular conference I had attended previously in the security space we gave away branded fidget spinners as swag. In following up with one of our target prospects, he informed me that the timing for our services wasn’t quite right but that we’d be the first vendor he would call should circumstances change because he found our swag particularly unique. He had always wanted to get a fidget spinner as an office toy but didn’t want to go out of his way to buy one himself.

I’ve also seen this in action first hand. Sumologic must have at one point distributed stress ball designed to look like a cartoon sumo character because we had quite a few lying around our offices. During one of our happy hours a colleague happened to cap his beer glass with this sumo character which sparked a conversation about the hilarity of the item. What followed suit was a further discussion about the company and their on-going business.

The need for business cards should go without saying as it’s such standard practice people will almost expect to be handed a business card at a conference. They won’t even bat an eye as to why it’s being given to them and it only benefits you as a vendor to hand them out. The more items prospects have to remember you by, the more likely you’ll be first to come to mind as a solution for a relevant problem in the future.

4) Add people on LinkedIn

Whenever you interact with someone at a conference, it would be wise to add them on LinkedIn.  As mentioned earlier, the more items someone has to remember you by the more likely you’ll be one to come to mind. This carries true in the digital realm as well.

If they are a prospective buyer it will allow you to more easily keep in touch. Even if they’re not there’s a chance that someone in their network may be and so the next time you publish content, it only increases the chances it reaches the right people in your space.

You can of course also try and connect with these individuals on other forms of social media as well such as Twitter and the like, but more often than not people view other platforms as a hub for their personal connections not professional. Unless you were able to really connect with that individual on a personal level, it may seem out of place to try and connect with them on any other platform. As such we recommend for the most part you stick with LinkedIn.

5) Ask about others first

Creating a memorable interaction can be very difficult at conferences given the sheer volume of interactions attendees will have throughout. One way you can give yourself an edge in trying to stand out though is to first ask about others. It also works great as an ice-breaker since people often enjoy talking about themselves.

A lot of the other staffers, especially the more inexperienced ones, will often start a conversation with prospects jumping straight into who they are and what their company can offer knowing very little about the person their talking to. Just like on a cold call, it’s hard to find value propositions around your product or services that a prospect can relate to unless you have an understanding of their role and responsibilities.

Therefore you should use this as an opportunity to do a little bit of discovery. It will help make transitioning the conversation to your company much easier and much more relatable. Even more, since humans are naturally bound by the law of reciprocity chances are you won’t even have to segue the conversation yourself. Since you have gone out of your way to ask about the person you’re speaking to, that individual will likely in turn ask you the same which would be your cue to take the knowledge you just gathered and pitch your product or services in a manner that would be most relevant.

Conferences can be a hectic time for many with so many things going on at any given time, but ultimately the goal for any organization in making the investment to attend or sponsor these events is to get in front of the right people and grow their business.

Hopefully these tips can help you stand out from the crowd and do just that. Now go out there and as always, make it rain!