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Top Sales Jobs in Tech

Top Sales Jobs in Tech

Tech is dominating the industry right now. Creative entrepreneurs have come up with many unique ways to provide value to individuals, businesses, and even governments. Because the industry is so large and far-reaching, hundreds of thousands of jobs have become available. This means that there are tons of opportunities for sales professionals to get into the industry, and that’s exactly what we are going to help you accomplish.

Anybody who tells you that “they can’t find a job” is simply not trying hard enough. Simply scanning a variety of job boards, we were able to find hundreds of tech companies looking to hire. Of course, our focus is a bit more narrow because of our sales focus, but even then we were able to find dozens of high-quality positions in San Francisco and New York City.

New York City

1. Remesh

Remesh is an innovative tech company that uses AI and Machine learning to collect and organize data on large groups. Specifically, they focus on customers, employees, prospects, or constituents. Their goal is to allow customers to realize actionable insights instantly, even if thousands of users are online at a time.

As of March 2018, Remesh raised $10 million in their Series A funding. They have been growing a successful team ever since. They are looking for a Sales Development Manager to help take their team to the next level.

The salary being offered for this position is approximately $115k per year.

Find out more here: Job Posting

2. Snappy Gifts

An innovative gift-giving company is looking for an experienced sales manager to help them deliver their fun and valued gifts to clients. Their goal is for clients to use their engaging platform to let their team choose how they want to be recognized. Allowing their team to decide their own gifts helps motivate the team and deliver things the receiver actually wants.

They secured $13.8 million in their Series A round of funding in 2016. They are still considered to be in an early stage of development, which means you will have an opportunity as their sales manager to help grow their company exponentially.

Their starting salary varies based on experience but expect approximately $105k per year

Find out more here: Job Posting

3. Self-Made

SelfMade uses their network to connect members with professional image editors, allowing them to build a powerful brand at an affordable price. They have a passion for helping entrepreneurs take control of their destiny by connecting them with the people they need.

They are looking for a sales associate with the same entrepreneurial drive as their clients. This is a great opportunity to get an entry level sales job because sales experience is not necessarily required for this position.

Expect a salary approximating $40k a year for this position.

Find out more here: Job Posting

4. VentureOut

This opportunity is for the true beginner in the sales industry. Not only because of the entry level nature of the position, but also because they focus on helping startups grow. VentureOut also loves the entrepreneurial spirit, this is a great opportunity to work in a space that is open to creativity and the application of new ideas and processes.

Accepting this position allows you to choose between part-time and full time hours. If you live in the NY area and are looking to get your feet wet in the industry VentureOut is a great place to start. They haven’t gone through an investment round yet so you can help the company go through that process which would be an amazing learning experience.

Find out more here: Job Posting

5. Bitly

Bitly has successfully broken out of the startup world to establish themselves as a mid size company. From what seemed to be a simple URL shortening service, out came a thriving tech company that is almost a household name. This is a great opportunity to get mainstream accolades on your resume without having a lot of experience in the industry.

Bitly is looking for a Sales Development Representative with at least 1 – 2 years experience. You will be on the front lines of client acquisition and development. And because the company has almost 100 employees, you will have access to a successful sales team you can learn from daily.

Expect a salary approximating $85k a year for this position.

Find out more here: Job Posting

San Francisco


Thorn is an innovative company with a goal to defend children from sexual abuse. They work closely with law enforcement, non-profits, and other tech companies in the industry. Working for this company as a truly unique opportunity to use your entrepreneurial energy to make a serious moral difference in the world.

As a Sales Lead, you will drive their sales pipeline of small to medium-sized technology companies, prioritize leads and close funding for our SAFER product suite. They expect a motivated team member who is interested in refining their understanding of customer needs. Ultimately, the goal is to  further Thorn’s mission to safeguard children in online environments and to drive the sustainability of Thorn products and programs.

Expect a starting salary of approximately $40k per year.

Find out more here: Job Posting

2. RapidAPI

RapidAPI is the world’s largest API marketplace. Their mission is to enable developers and businesses to easily find, test, and integrate with any API. RapidAPI is used by over 500,000 developers all around the world, and offers over 8000 APIs. They have also secured $12 million in their recent Series A funding round.

They are looking for Account Executive to join their brand new Enterprise team, and will bring knowledge of how to build and execute on a sales strategy. The applicant will have the opportunity to partner directly with the CEO to identify strategic opportunities for enterprise partnerships. Own and manage warm leads and outreach through our combined networks to build our Enterprise client base. Most conversations will be held with CIOs / CTOs / VP of Engineering types at Fortune 1000 scale companies.

Compensation is a 50/50 split between base and commission; quotas are realistic and our AE starts with warm leads in the pipeline and a healthy ramp-up period.

Find out more here: Job Posting

3. Narrative

Narrative is a fast growing big data company that has recently secured $5 million in seed funding. Their mission is to make data easy as possible for their clients to buy and sell data.

They are currently looking for a new Director of Sales which is a huge opportunity for anybody who already has some sales experience under their belt. This is a company that is growing quickly and providing their clients a unique platform that has show consistent success. With a CB rank of 4,934, this company is hustling and is looking for their next superstar.

Expect a starting salary of approximately $100-150k in sales compensation per year.

Find out more here: Job Posting

4. Multiplied

For those who want to get into a sales position and also have an interest in blockchain technology should check out this position at Multiplied. They are a premier blockchain marketing and PR agency that is growing quickly in the industry.

In their own words, Multiplied is looking for a “badass” Sales Development Representative. The role offers a diverse client portfolio of some of the best ICO and blockchain projects in the space. They will also provide an opportunity to work alongside their senior management team to create and implement strategies to expand Multiplied and take on new business opportunities.

Expect a starting salary of approximately $80-100k in sales compensation per year.

Find out more here: Job Posting

5. Active Mind Technology

Have an interest in golf or sports tech in general? Then you should check out Active Mind Technology. Active Mind Technology is a software development company. Makers of GameGolf, a wearable GPS and motion sensing Golf Shot Tracking System who also have a passion for getting outside and having fun.

They are looking for a Sales Operations Manager to take the lead on some exciting new projects. Applicants must have an understanding of Salesforce and Quickbooks Online to ensure management of client accounts.

Expect a starting salary of approximately $100k in sales compensation per year.

Find out more here: Job Posting

Like we have discussed in our previous blog posts. It’s imperative to have your resume and internet presence up to date before beginning the application process. All the positions described above are ready to hire on motivated sales talent from all different levels of experience.

If there is something you are unsure about, we here are Rainmakers are always ready to help. Any questions about the application process or if you want more details about these positions in specific, feel free to reach out at any time. Good Luck!

preparing for phone interviews

How to Best Prepare For a Phone Screen/Phone Interview?

Consider this: You’ve been applying what you’ve learned in the previous sections. You’re long-shot message on LinkedIn to the CEO of your favorite company actually worked. She sends you a message saying “I will give you a call in a few days.” Once your excitement fades, you realize you have just landed the dreaded unscheduled phone interview. This can be the cause of a lot of anxiety. When is she going to call? What is she going to ask? Here are some tips to get you through this situation while looking like a superstar.

Do your homework

Getting your homework done as soon as possible is a priority in this situation. The CEO is busy and can have a somewhat chaotic schedule. Maybe somebody cancels a lunch meeting with her and she suddenly has some extra time. She decides to call you days before you expected it. This is why you need to be as prepared as possible as soon as possible.

Doing your homework means understanding the company culture as best as you can. Understanding the culture and fitting into it is one of the most critical aspects of an interview. All your competitors will know the names of everybody on the board and how much money they left on the table after the previous quarter. Something that employers are looking for is how well you will be able to fit into the culture of the company. This is not everything, however, but if you can get as much information about what the environment is like inside the company, the better off you’ll be.

Lock down the basics first. Then reach out to employees and see if you can strike up conversations or buy them lunch.  Get a sense of who they are and what the company expects of them. If you nail this, you will have a major head start on the competition.

Clear Your Mind and Your Environment

Interviews usually bring some anxiety. Clearing your mind and your environment can help you maintain a calm and professional demeanor during the call. Keep in mind that no matter what position somebody is in, they are human beings just like everybody else. Typically, when an interviewer is looking to fill a sales position they want a driven, organized, self-motivated, go-getter. At this point in our courses, you have already been implementing these character traits to have even gotten this far.

Have a glass of water, your resume, and a notepad nearby. Any other relevant documents should be on hand so you can be instantly responsible for any questions that are asked during the interview. Your goal is to show your employer that you’re prepared and no curveball is going to take you off track.


Listen. A mix of nerves and excitement can take over during an interview. Sometimes we forget to slow down and fully take in what the interviewer is saying.

Finding what you have in common with the interview is what’s most important. You wouldn’t be having the conversation if they didn’t think your resume was up to par. This part is more so about how you communicate like a human being. Are you a good listener, do you have a sense of humor, and are you relatable are key things they will be looking for, whether it be conscious or not.


The call is over. You’ve done everything you could to leave the best impression possible. You even sent a thank you note promptly after the call. Now you just have to sit back and wait. For many, this can be the hardest part of the process.

You may feel the need to follow up too soon and seem too desperate for the position. You may get angry and resentful before the interviewer has even had a chance to even consider filling the position in question. Sometimes a solid connection doesn’t turn into an opportunity for weeks, months, or even years.

At the end of the day, as any good salesperson knows, if you can’t close a big deal, don’t wait around for them to respond. Get back up on your feet and keep finding new leads. The ball is in their court now, there is nothing you can do except to continue to sharpen your skills and find new opportunities.


The best way to prepare for phone interviews is to have as much homework done as possible before the call, be in a calm state of mind, and be prepared to listen. Know what the interviewer wants to hear, and have as much evidence prepared as to why you’re the best for the job ready at hand. When it’s all said and done, be patient. Never sit around and wait. Always be looking for the next opportunity.

Identifying and Contacting the Best People in Your Job Search

Identifying and Contacting the Best People in Your Job Search

If you’ve been keeping up with our articles you will know that the job hunt is very similar to sales in general. Part of being successful in both fields is knowing where to look for the highest quality leads as possible. Luckily, because of social media, our reach to employers and clients is farther than ever.

There are no more excuses for serious people looking for jobs because of how easy it is to reach out. In this section, we will go over how to identify and reach out to people who are considered valuable connections.

Working your network

The phrase “working your network” can come off as a bit cynical. But think of it like this: working your network means providing value to as many people as possible. Don’t just send someone a message on LinkedIn introducing yourself and asking for a handout.

The first part of this process is identifying the people you want to connect with. This is easy if you already have an idea of what companies you want to work for. Look for the hiring managers, managers in general, and ever regular employees.

Once you identify people you want to reach out to, figure out ways you can provide them value rather than asking for a handout. Maybe you can send over some leads you have, maybe you can offer some free training in a skill you have an expertise in, at the bare minimum you can offer a free lunch or dinner in order to pick their brain.

After you make real connections, show the individuals that you can consistently provide value. If you establish this kind of relationship, eventually they will be begging you to come work for their company. Working your network has now changed from being a sleazy mass spam project and has become a method of making the people in your networks life better.

Internal Recruiters

To be more specific about targeting, the best people to target are the internal recruiters. These people have goals to hit for filling headcount so when you reach out to them you are already providing value.

Go after the hiring manager you would be working for – (for example mid-market sales director, smb sales manager) – these people have sales goals to hit and are missing out on lost revenue by not filling roles.

Either way, reach out with a personalized message that addresses the pain point of each particular position. Again, think of them as clients. They have pain points just like any potential client does. Once you can figure that you, the whole world will open up to you and you can hand pick the people you want to work for.


Taking your sales career seriously starts before you even have a job. Develop your skills in identifying targets, addressing pain points, and providing value. We are here to help coach you through this process if this task still seems daunting. But if you are reading this, you are already ahead of the game.

Job platforms

Taking Advantage of Job Platforms

In our previous article, we went into detail about the benefits of working with a hiring agency.  But if you still don’t want to go the agency route just yet, there are many other options available to you. Many websites how job boards that encourage employees and employers to connect and work together. 

Before you start signing up for every job site out there, apply the lessons we discussed in previous articles. Consider your online profile as a resume. From top to bottom you need to make sure that everything is neat, up to date, and edited accurately.

Most sites have no submission limit. In theory, you could easily spam your resume to as many employers as possible. This would be the exact wrong way to go about the process. Make sure you read, in detail, every post before you respond. Always write a unique cover letter for each application.

Monster / Indeed

Websites like Monster and Indeed have helped a lot of people land jobs. However, the jobs available on these sites are most likely low quality except for junior positions. For those just graduating college, or taking their first steps in a new industry, these resources are great.

For the more ambitious job hunters though, these options may be a bit lackluster. What an agency provides is a position that is finely tailored to your skills and goals. The types of jobs you get from Monster and Indeed will be jobs that require some kind of repetitive and non-creative skills. However, that may be what you need at this point in your career.


LinkedIn is a very powerful resource in the job market. The site provides you with direct access to the people you want to talk to. Let’s say you want to work for Uber. The head of hiring at Uber definitely has a LinkedIn profile. She may be busy but at least Uber grants you that direct connection for you to make an attempt to impress her with your resume.

LinkedIn is best for a targeted approach. The previous lesson is all about how to perfect your presence on this site and we can’t hammer it enough how important that is. Hitting a potential at the right time with the right profile can land you a job you may have thought was out of your league. But this requires a lot of time and effort. And just because a company looks good on the outside, doesn’t mean the culture on the inside is profitable and has room for growth. This is why having an agency may be better suited than the LinkedIn route.


With we provide our employers with a ton of opportunities. Because we are focused on a particular niche, we are able to develop a skillset that caters to potential employers perfectly. We understand how companies in this field grow and what they need. We succeed here because we work closely with our clients so we can understand their needs and skill set.

Remember, just because you may not have a ton of experience does not mean you are not qualified for the job. One of the best things you can offer to an employer is a positive mindset. We are always looking for motivated people who are ready to put in the work to learn sales. 

If you sign on with us, companies will approach you because they know we only deal with serious and motivated clients.  We will be there every step of the way to make that the job you end up accepting is the one that matches you the best. What makes us different is how important it is for us to match the right job for the right client, and that’s exactly what we’ll do for you.


Online job marketplaces liked LinkedIn and Monster are great for beginners. You can find a lot of applications to apply for and will most likely land an entry-level position. Rainmakers is a more personal service that actually helps connect you with employers based on your unique skills and experience. This kind of attention during the application process is non existent in the other more mainstream job marketplaces.

Getting a Recruiting Agency to Work for You

Now that you are past the basics of landing the tech sales job you want, let’s get into some more of the advanced concepts. One major part of the application process that people don’t take advantage of is the vast amount of tools available to you.

Companies make it their job to help you get a job. One of the best things you can do is to utilize the tools and services available to you. For example, specializes in helping aspiring salespeople and experienced salespeople get the jobs they need to further their career.

Is A Recruiting Agency Right For Me?

Sales agencies pride themselves on their ability to land jobs for their clients, but not all agencies are created equal. Your best bet is to seek out agencies that have connections in the industry, are focused on a limited amount of companies, and provide coaching throughout the process.

You may be asking yourself if it’s worth going through the process of finding an agent. Well, consider it like this, an agency is going to get you a job that’s best for you at your stage in your career. An agency that promises you a CEO job at Apple is obviously not telling you the truth.

Nailing the right job, and not necessarily the best job, will maximize your growth and profits. All of this will greatly outweigh whatever cost you incur by hiring an agency to help you along this process.

High Touch

High touch is an industry term used to describe the relationship an agency has with its customers and clients. The term symbolizes honest human interactions over corporate jargon. We are all human beings, no matter what job we have. When an agency can achieve a real relationship with both potential employers and potential employees, the process becomes much more natural. Relationships based on high touch last longer and yield greater results.

You can test out how an agency performs by simply giving them a call. If you have to go through two automated call responses and three customer service reps before you can have a real conversation about your goals, then they are not the agency for you.

The way an agency deals with you is the way they deal with their potential employers. Poor communication, overly complicated processes, and stale results are red flags to anybody looking for an agency to get them hired.

Limited Amount of Companies

An agency will usually ask you what companies you would like to work for. Perhaps your dream jobs and what jobs you think you are capable of handling today. An easy tactic used by sleazy agencies is to immediately promise your biggest goal right up front. But the truth is, an agency cannot have connections to every single company that has a sales department.

A good agency will have solid connections to a limited amount of companies. Usually, those companies will be focused in a particular field. This allows an agency to create deeper connections with companies. Deeper connections lead to more clear understandings of what a company actually needs.

This may sound simple, but consider how important that single fact above is. Let’s say a company is growing and has developed a relationship with a hiring agency. Part of what makes the agency great is the understanding of how companies in their sector grow. Certain companies go through particular stages of development that are trackable. For example, one of the first hires a company should make is an account manager, any good agency will know this and know what hires to make next.

The agency is an aid to the company as it grows because it provides them with employees who fill the necessary roles as they become available. This relationship is invaluable and it shows the skills of an agency when they have multiple relationships like this on the books.

Good opportunity for coaching during the process if you pick the right one

Good coaching will make or break your career. If an agency advises you to take a position you are not ready for, then your reputation in the industry can be ruined. On the other hand, if you are recommended a position you are overqualified for, you can be stuck in a job you don’t need for years.

A good coach is always a positive asset no matter what industry you’re in. That’s why having a high touch relationship with your agency is primary to your success. A good coach will help you land the right job at the right company which will multiply your success.


Hiring an agency to help place you may seem like the easiest way to secure a job. The only problem is that many agencies have a quota to hit. They don’t necessarily care about you as an individual. You can easily be swept up into an excel sheet and treated like a number. If this is not an issue for you, reach out a repudiable agency and see what they have to offer.

best tech sales jobs

Landing The Best Sales Job in Tech

Finding the best sales tech job is a challenge. It requires hard work, focus, and resourcefulness. The skills we will discuss do not only apply to land a job. They will help you become a rainmaker for your company. No matter what your experience in the field, if you come at this with a positive attitude you can land that great new job in sales tech.

However, a positive attitude will not take you the entire way. Nobody can just walk in the door at Apple and demand the job of their dreams. You will need to spend some time in the industry before big companies will even consider you. Don’t think that can skip the line to the top. This is your career, prepare for a lifelong commitment to mastery.

Consider this process as the first step to focusing on your craft. You may need to begin at smaller companies that don’t necessarily have the brand awareness of your dream job. In fact, starting your career at a small company with an unknown brand can be a great opportunity. If you can help a small company grow exponentially, then you will have a real victory on your resume. The more you succeed, the more leverage you will have in the industry.

Perhaps, however, you’re already experienced in sales and are looking to improve. We believe that even the experienced can benefit from going back to the fundamentals of what makes a good salesperson. Apply the lessons we will discuss in our lessons, and you’ll go from good to great.

The key here is what is the best position for you. Everybody has their own particular set of skills. The worst thing you can do is take a new position that does not play to your strengths. So we already know you have to hustle, be motivated, and know how to produce results in order to get the best job possible. Now let’s look at how to nail down that position that you know you can thrive in.


Nobody is going to hand you the ideal job. No matter how long you meditate and visualize the job you want, nothing will happen until you go out and make it happen. Part of that process is being aware of what’s going on in the industry. Make a list of companies you are interested in and learn as much about them as you can.

Learn about their culture and work life. See if you can determine the quality of the company before you even make an effort to apply. Find the networking events they attend, connect with them on LinkedIn or their social channels. Do everything you can to make connections and source information. Not only will this inquisitive mindset help you in getting the right job for you, but it will also help develop your skills when you’re actually working in sales.

Sales Landscape

According to LinkedIn, sales is the single most important component of a strong candidate. There are so many ways people can distract their employers from the fact that they may not be good at sales. They can decorate their resumes, lean heavily on their college degree, or even point to their numerous extracurricular activities. Always remember this, nothing compares to the ability to makes sales.

We will talk a lot about the macro level of hiring in this industry and as you read you will be achieving the goal of educating yourself on the topic. But this does not mean you can rely on this program alone. Seek out friends in the industry and start networking with companies even though you know you don’t want to work for them. Any connection is a good connection in sales and individual growth.

The Interview Process

Learning more about sales will make you see the world a bit differently. You will begin to see more and more things as a sales process. There’s something you want, but you can’t have. Therefore you develop a way to communicate what you want, a way to offer equal or greater value, and finally closing the deal.

The interview process is no different. Your potential employer is looking for something and is willing to offer something of value in return. After you decide that you are willing to accept what they will offer, then it’s your turn to prove to them you can return the exchange with something equal or greater. This is much easier said than done.

The best way to start with your best foot forward is to make sure all written communication is perfect. There is no excuse for typos here because you have plenty of time to read through your writing multiple times. Be clear and concise, do your best to judge the situation to see if slight humor or a complete dry interaction is necessary.

Research everyone you make contact with during the hiring process. The more you know the people you’re interacting with the better you will feel when you come face to face with them. If you know who they are before they know you, you will display a sharp intellect and a real desire to be a part of the team.

Like every sale, you need to be committed to the close. Whatever they throw at you be ready to meet their needs and move on to the next step. Do not procrastinate on replying to emails or sending the necessary documents. This will be an immediate red flag for them and they will quickly pass you up for someone more diligent.