Great Rainmakers always review game tapes

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Back in the day, great coaches and players uses to review game tapes after every game. For hours, they would huddle around film projectors in darkened rooms, viewing and reviewing each play that took place in the game, trying to understand what went right, what went wrong and where to correct. Emotion was out of the picture, it was a simple exercise in X’s and O’s.

With the advent of modern sales technology, Rainmaker salespeople can do the same as coaches and players of the old days. However, it can be much faster and more valuable today. Technologies which record calls have been around for years, however, nobody used them because it was such a drag to listen to hours of unedited tape looking for the golden nuggets you could use to improve and coach.

Enter technologies such as, which saves you the time of sifting through hours of raw tape to find coachable moments, and instead identifies key parts of your Sales conversation and highlights strong and weak words, cues, and other parts of the conversation you can use immediately to improve. Use data to improve, reviewing the game tapes.

Join us on Tuesday as Rainmakers co-hosts a Call Camp with Execvision and Zocdoc to see how this technology can be used to improve your sales skills! Register for the live event or listening to the recording.

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Why Are Top Salespeople So Hard to Recruit? Part II


Everyday across the country, sales leaders and recruiters are pulling their hair out trying to find top Salespeople. Whether they source in-house or provide their sales job requisitions to an outside agency, finding and screening top sales talent is endless chore. This task can seem almost impossible.

Jobs need to get filled and quotas need to be hit, but without the right people, you’re out of luck. Making it even more difficult, top performers are in high demand, waking up to Linkedin in-boxes full with messages from recruiters each day.

As a sales leader or recruiter, you must always be looking and making connections to ensure that when the time is right, you’re ready to talk. Finding top talent is the foundation on which your sales team is built. You won't hit your numbers unless you have top talent, but the time spent on recruiting won't push deals forward either.

Despite all the competition, some companies continue to hire the best salespeople on earth and attract top sales talent. Why is it that companies struggle and others find it easier to build their sales talent pipeline? Big name brands and reputations obviously play a role. But what if you lack the brand name and still need the talent, or you have a great brand but can’t find the perfect sales person?

Here are three tips to help find top performing salespeople, even when you’re busy. Beyond recruting agencies and Linkedin, give these a try:

Live Events

Where does top talent go to seek knowledge, make connections and grow their network? The key to success with events is to have a strategy. Know your elevator pitch. Have a plan for working the event. Make sure to followup.


Think about the best salespeople you’ve interacted with from other vendors pitching you products. Collect their contact information and keep in touch with them regularly on Linkedin. Talent is everywhere, especially if you’re looking for more junior level salespeople. Be creative. Was the guy selling you solar panels awesome? Was the gal showing you paint at Home Depot a total rockstar? Have your business card ready if you come across a closer.

Exclusive Networks

Are you a member of any clubs, school associations, or other groups where top performers might also be a member? Be sure to work these similar to a live event. Make it clear to the group who you are, what you do and that you’re open to talk about opportunities at your company or on your team. Volunteer for committees or events where you’ll be seen as a leader, and get to know everyone. If you hear of or meet someone that you think could be top talent, be sure to connect. Give to get.

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10 Quick Tips for Interviewing Salespeople

The success of a business rises or falls on based on the quality of its salespeople. Picking the right sales candidate can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. While experience and reference checks are essential, nothing is more important in the hiring process than the interview.

You can’t afford to make a mistake in the interview process. Here are several tips that will help you or your hiring manager separate the wheat from the chaff:

1. Realize that you’re interviewing for character, not for data. All the data you need to make the hiring decision is on the resume. Instead, try to understand the person behind the data, and determine whether they have what it takes to sell your product.

2. Don’t underestimate quiet optimism. Talkative and outgoing is only one type of effective salesperson. Some buyers need a salesperson who can listen, empathize and then confidently offer your product or service as a solution to a felt need.

3. Hire a competitor. Ask the sales candidate how she feels about competition with peers. You want someone who enjoys the thrill of the game.

4. Test response to lag. Uncomfortable silences will shut down a sale quicker than you can say “sold.” At some point during the interview, perhaps between questions, simply remain silent. Watch the candidate’s reaction, and see if they are able to make the moment comfortable instead of awkward.

5. Realize that success requires sacrifice. Sales isn’t for everyone. Successful salespeople know that going above and beyond is the only way to truly succeed. Choose a sales candidate who understands this basic principle and who’s willing to prioritize.

6.Look for a sense of pride. A top salesperson will always be ready to chat about their sales. Great salespeople may enjoy the process of selling, but they are motivated by accomplishment.

7. Get a sense of the sales candidate’s process. Ask about and try to get a good feel for how the candidate moves through the sales process, all the way from getting the lead to closing the deal. Pay careful attention, as well, to what they have to say about follow-up after the close.

8. Choose a learner. Top-notch sales professional learns from their mistakes. Try to get the candidate to identify specific times they didn’t make the sale, and what they learned from it that improved their closing rates.

9. Go off-book. Salespeople are generally pretty business-savvy. They expect a hiring manager to ask about accomplishments, strengths and failures. Try framing these questions in a different way. For example, instead of asking for their greatest accomplishment, ask for two accomplishments from high school, two from college and two from the professional career. Then ask which of these accomplishments they’re most proud of and why. This will tell you a lot more about the candidate than their standard prepared answer ever will.

10. Re-interview if necessary. Don’t be afraid to bring the sales candidate back in for another pass. Consistency is key for sales, and a second interview should confirm what you concluded during the first.

Hiring the right salesperson isn’t necessarily an intuitive decision, nor is it necessarily an easy one. However, it is one of the most significant decisions an employer can make.

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Why is it so Hard to Hire Top Salespeople?

The success of a business rises or falls on based on the quality of its salespeople.Is your organization filled with “C” and “B” level sales people? Many are and the reason behind this is that top level or “A” salespeople are very hard to come by. Why is this?

There are a number of reasons why you can’t get to top sales personnel. Here are three main reasons:

  • Timing
  • Looking in the wrong place
  • Poor judgment

When it comes to timing, it is very difficult to perfectly match your timetable to that of the top salespeople. In fact, most top-performing salespeople won’t be interested in a position on your timetable.

Another reason is that most companies are recruiting sales personnel through outdated advertising channels. That is okay if you are looking for “B” and “C” level salespeople, but just won’t do when it comes to high-performing salespeople.

Finally, the third reason why it is so hard to hire top salespeople can be poor judgment. Without knowing what questions to ask, how to “read” the interview and how and how to confirm the prospect’s claims, you will very likely hire the wrong person and your sales will suffer as a result.

What Should a Top Seller Look Like?

Of course, in order to hire the best sales person, you also need to know what traits they should possess. According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business School, top sellers must have these traits:

  • 100% acceptance of responsibility for results
  • Above-average ambition and desire to succeed
  • Above-average willpower and determination; self-discipline is a key;
  • Intensely goal-oriented
  • High level of customer empathy
  • Impeccably honest
  • Does not take "no" personally
  • Has the ability to approach strangers, even when it is uncomfortable to them
Of course, anyone can claim to have these traits and it is very difficult to determine otherwise in an interview. This brings us to two more requirements for a top sales person – experience and motivation.

The best sales people have behind them some solid experience and, naturally, you will want them to use it to help your organization. However, don’t be led by the old mantra that “a good salesperson can sell anything to anyone”. There is a difference between, say, selling cleaning supplies door to door to and selling a complicated software solution to a high-tech firm. A good record in one doesn’t mean the person you are thinking to hire will be good in other.

When it comes to motivation, this is certainly crucial for a top sales person. They are motivated to be the best. You can try to bring their motivation level up by offering a sizeable paycheck or other benefits, but if that person does not have the work ethic and motivation to be the best at what he or she does, there won’t be much you can do.


Hiring top sales people is obviously a difficult process and we all make mistakes in it. Whether those mistakes come from the fact that the recruiter is looking in the wrong place or happens to be mesmerized by a particularly charming prospective hire, or something else entirely, learning from those mistakes is necessary you want to hire the best salespeople for your organization.

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